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Friday, October 31st, 2014 No Comments
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Here’s a message from SAW for everyone that I have been asked to blog. Remember, if you want to donate to the island’s animal welfare organisation, you can click over to their website and use the PayPal button. www.symianimalwelfare.org There is also news there, and a lot more detail about what the volunteers do. This message comes straight from them to you, via me: [caption id="attachment_13222" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Symi Animal Welfare[/caption] “We are delighted to inform you that an Australian vet has agreed to come over to Symi at the end of her out-reach programme; the trip has been sponsored by one of the charities on Rhodes, and Symi Animal Welfare is sponsoring ‘our bit’ of her travels.  The duration of her stay on the island will obviously depend upon the weather, but we hope that she can hold a four day surgery from Monday 24th to Thursday 28th November, specifically for neutering cats (a regulation of out-reach projects such as this one). Unless you are definitely bringing cats along for neutering, may we ask that you return any cat-boxes to either our or Tove’s house, well before the above dates. Tove will be in touch with previous vet-week volunteers sometime soon, however, if you haven’t been available in the past but would like to help in some way this time, please contact her directly 6979457046. [caption id="attachment_13224" align="alignright" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Symi Animal Welfare[/caption] Can we also take this opportunity to thank everyone who has donated during the year, your kindness has allowed us to make this happen, Melanie” Etsi bravo, as you might say around here. And now for my little piece of news: tomorrow, Saturday, could go one way or the other. I am hoping to switch over to my new look blog on Saturday, but I am not sure when (or how, at the moment!). The best thing to do is to make sure you bookmark, or head to: www.symidream.com – you will either be redirected to here (/wp) if we’ve not moved, or to the new blog if we have. You can still access this set of pages (at www.symidream.com/wp) for the archives of posts, the Symi history, holiday ideas, galleries and everything else that's in the menu, but for the day to day banter and stuff, leave off the /wp and all should be well. See you, somewhere, tomorrow.

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