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Thursday, March 18th, 2010 No Comments
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Symi Dream shopI did take a walk, out and about the village yesterday, just to do some ‘bits and pieces’ really. Called into the shop to see how the painting was going, then went to have a cup of teat at the Olive Tree and interrupt the “ladies’ laptop lessons.” This has become a regular weekly gathering at the café where anyone with a laptop can come and share knowledge and tips. A good turn out with Greek, English and Scottish participants there yesterday.

I did have my camera with me so there are some snaps from yesterday here today: Neil hard at work in the shop, some general views, a rather lazy cat, and a road sign. No prizes, but who knows where this sign/plaque is to be found and to which street is it referring? I've cropped it in and darkened it so that the letters will hopefully be easier to read.




I also noticed yesterday, as I visited two of the village supermarkets, that it must have been ‘reps’ day. Both of them were being visited by cheerful men and women in suits carrying folders and brochures. They may have all been from the same suppliers but if not then they must travel the same routes together at the same time as there was something of a party, reunion, get-together atmosphere going on. Which was compounded by the usual party atmosphere in Sotiris’ supermarket, and the usual hustle and bustle of George and Petros’. Which reminds me, I tried some of the ‘Marathunda’ wine the other evening. This is produced by Petros and George, according to the label, and is a rare example of a modern Symi wine. (See our Symi wine presses page for info about the historical wine making of Symi.) You can find this wine in the ‘American’ supermarket, which is opposite Zoi Taverna in the village, it’s reasonably priced too and is very drinkable. And before you read anything into that I shared it with three other people and only had one glass myself!

Symi cat

It’s another chilly day today with the wind coming in from the North, I guess. But I have things to do at the desk, the heater is on, the Alarm Cat is blissfully quiet, asleep on the bed, which is this month’s favoured sleeping quarter, and Neil is off down to the shop to carry on painting, and putting things back on walls. Have a good day yourself!


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