Symi in the Sunday Times, and greetings from Denmark

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[caption id="attachment_7045" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Could this be the very octopus heading for fame in the Sunday Times? No, it's Neil."]March 25th Symi parade[/caption] A couple of great emails in today and yesterday, both worth sharing with you. The first is from Liz and Ian sharing snippets from the Sunday Times monthly travel magazine (May), their 100th issue in which they list their top 100 favourite travel things, and Symi gets mentioned twice. “Hi James We love reading your Blog every day to help us keep in touch with life in Symi and dream about all our favourite places in Symi. Just a couple of days ago you were saying 'tourism is our industry', 'Symi needs all the good publicity it can get' etc. We are sure that you know of the Sunday Times monthly travel magazine in the UK but we are wondering if you have heard about the May issue this year. It is the 100th issue of the magazine and they have done a special edition to celebrate by detailing their 100 all time favourite things in travel.” I quote: ‘Favourite meals. 83: Grilled octopus with lemon juice and pepper, cooked on an old aluminium canister cut in half at an open air restaurant on the tiny Greek island of Symi, off Rhodes. Cats everywhere.’ [caption id="attachment_7046" align="alignright" width="300" caption="An area in Horio"]horio simi april 8[/caption] The second mention is a short article which includes: ‘…wheeze your way up the Kali Strata – the steep stone steps linking the harbour and the old town – past peeling sea captain’s villas, to the whitewashed perfection of hillside Horio, the old town…’ Fab, thanks Liz and Ian – some good, positive publicity for our island. And the second email is from Thomas in Denmark: “I just wanted to let you know, how much I enjoy reading your bliary and looking at all those fantastic photos of Symi. Reading about all the things that go on, on the island, really helps me get by each day and it’s the first page I look at each morning, just after having finished my coffee. I’ve also bought your book Symi 85600, gotten through about half of it so far, I love it and it gives you the feeling of being there, going through all the experiences you guys have been through. Also a big thanks, for the recent links to other blogs about Symi, each with both interesting stories, facts and tons more beautiful photos (though none of them nearly as good as Neil’s of course). I think I’ll be buying Carry on up the Kali Strata also eventually, only now I have so much reading to do, with all the blogs. [caption id="attachment_7047" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Jack says, 'Share this on Facebook if you love Symi' "]share if you love Symi[/caption] My mom and I have talked about going on a photo walk with Neil the next time we’re on the island, since it would give us a new impression of Symi and since the entire place is one big postcard (again, how I do envy you guys living out your dream in that rugged paradise). I also appreciate always reading about something funny and/or positive. Before I forget, I also have to mention that your way of writing really entertains, it’s very good and creative, both the bliary as well as the book. All the best. Thomas, Denmark” Thanks Thomas, great to hear from you. Finally, Jack the Alarm Cat says he wants you to share his photo around Facebook, your own blogs, your emails, your office, wherever you want; just save it and share it and let's make Symi the place to hang out this summer.

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