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SimiFollowing hard on the heels of a busy weekend came yesterday’s trip to Rhodes, and this morning I'm walking like Mrs Overall, slowly and creaking. Nevertheless, yesterday was a great day to be out and about in Rhodes, with clear skies, a slight breeze and the temperature just right for strolling. Just as well really as my business there was taken care of by 11.30 and the boat back wasn’t until 5.30, so there was plenty of time for exploring the old town.

There is now a gallery of around 90 photos showing you Symi in the early morning, Rhodes through the day, and returning to Symi in the late afternoon – lots of blue sea and skies, and the trails of aeroplanes, backstreets and sites. [Click here] I’d say that most businesses in Rhodes were up and running yesterday, ready for the season, and the town was doing good business already. The streets weren’t too crowded, but there were plenty of visitors about. I managed to escape the ‘yes please, nice food,’ etc. from the restaurants and bars as I passed, maybe because I was wearing long trousers and didn’t look too much like a tourist.

Day trip boats leaving Rhodes for Symi at 9.00

If you are looking for a coffee or a drink when you’re in Rhodes I’d recommend the small, traditional (and let’s face it, slightly run down) café in the old market area in Mandraki. Stathis Kafeneion is the place for a sensibly priced drink, with ouzo at €1.50, which includes as much water as you need, and Greek coffee at €1.00. Stathis is a cheery chappie too, seems to know several languages and is very entertaining.

No. 18 and 49, no wonder the post is often late

There are plenty of place to eat too, it’s just a question of what you fancy, but Nikos’ Fish Taverna is one of the most authentic places – pass the Plaza Hotel on your left (also reasonable for food and rink), cross the road, pass the Chinese Kitchen (‘Chinese Burger’, also cheap and very generous with what they give you) and turn left at the top of that pedestrian street – can’t remember the name, don’t have my map here.

My wanderings also took me through the Old Town, and my tip here is to get off the beaten track when you can; explore the back streets, you’ll see what I mean in the photo album. (Which, by the way, is the 100th album on this part of the Symi Dream site, there are many more in the older, archived part of the site.) There is plenty to see and photograph there, lots of narrow lanes dripping in history to explore, and you can’t really get lost as you are inside a walled city, so you’re going to find the edge of it at some point. I started at Symi Square, opposite Colona harbour and came out at Acandia Gate near the ‘Tourist Harbour.’ A long, satisfying wander in the afternoon sun.


The journey back was quick and pleasant, I spent most of it out on the stern, upper deck, of the boat watching the silvery sea, and the grey rocks of Symi come into view, no dolphins though, not yesterday. And the day was topped off by a slow walk up the Kali Strata to the shop before heading home. The village square was quite busy last night, which was good to see, and the nice thing is that I have to do it all again on Friday… but that’s another story.


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