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[caption id="attachment_2343" align="alignleft" width="200" caption="Neil Gosling Symi Photographer"]Neil Gosling Symi Photographer[/caption] Symi Dream sells limited edition photographs by island photographer Neil Gosling. These photos are available exclusively from Symi Dream and can be bought at our shop. Below you will see a gallery and a slideshow of some examples of the limited edition Symi photos that we have available. The images shown here are smaller and lower in quality than the actual photos. Not all are in the shop at the same time however, so if you see something you like, you can order one in advance of your visit. Photos are signed by Neil on the back. Pre-order photos Simply email us with the photo ID and tell us when you will be arriving on Symi. (The IDs are in the sample images, not the slideshow.) Your limited edition will be waiting for you. [Price: €45.00 incl packing] Ordering online If you would like one of these photos but are not coming to Symi, again simply email us with the photo ID and we will get back to you with the cost of the photos plus postage. If your photo is not currently in the collection at the shop we will have it printed, this could add some time to delivery as the images are printed in Rhodes. [Price: €49.00 incl P&P] Delivery and transportation Our limited edition photos are sold un-framed for ease of transportation. They are rolled into a strong tube (often a tube that once housed an ouzo bottle) so that they do not get damaged on their way to you. End of editions Each image is produced only a certain amount of times. Once that edition is exhausted we may then do a second edition. Currently all the images here are first editions. Viewing the photos Click one of the small images below to see a larger version. This is not the full size of the image but a smaller representation. All photos are digitally printed on high quality, glossy paper that is 45 x 30 cm with, usually, a white border. You will see, when you click a thumbnail, if the image is landscape, portrait or landscape 'letterbox'.
NG LE 001 Three roofs B&W 01 Layers of paint 002 Layers of paint 02 Symi Windmills 003 Symi Windmills 03
Symi kitten 004 Symi kitten 04 Courtyard 005 Courtyard 05 Harani 006 Harani 06
Shades 007 Shades 07 Blue house 008 Blue house 08 Gate 009 Gate 09
Broken wall 010 Broken wall 10 Symi harbour 011 Symi harbour 11 Kali Strata B&W 012 Kali Strata B&W 12
Cloud and sea 013 Cloud and sea 13 Symi dusk 014 Symi dusk 14 Painted door 015 Painted door 15
Nimborio blue moon (31/12/2009) 016 Nimborio blue moon (31/12/09) 16 Castro hill side 017 Castro hillside 17 Three roofs & flag 018 Three roofs & flag 18
Quiet afternoon B&W 019 Quiet afternoon 19 Hillside 020 Hillside 20 Paint 021 Paint 21
Shuttered house 022 Shuttered house 22 Doorway 023 Doorway 23 Towards Pedi 024 Towards Pedi 24
Ox eye 025 Ox eye (1st Edition) SOLD OUT Pedi view 026 Pedi view 26 White house 027 White house 27
Nimborio bay 028 Nimborio bay 28 Symi houses 029 Symi houses 29 Across Harani 030 Across Harani 30
Horio 031 Horio 31 Ox eye 2nd edition 032 Ox eye (2nd edition) 32 Red door 033 Red door 33
Sun cloud 034 Sun cloud 34 Old market 035 Old market 35 Door & wall 036 Door & wall 36
Symi buildings Yialos037 Symi buildings Yialos 37 Symi island 038 Symi island 38 Clock tower sepia 039 Clock tower sepia 39

Slideshow of 39 limited edition prints with music by James Collins

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