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Well, maybe not that much news but a few interesting notes and messages to leave you with over the weekend. Firstly, let’s go back to those earthquakes… [caption id="attachment_8920" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="A village view on a bright winter's morning"]Symi Dream images[/caption] Greek Reporter put out a piece a couple of days ago titled: “Volcanic activity suspected off Turkey’s coast: A new submarine volcanic eruption might have recently started off Turkey’s west coast in the Marmaris Sea between the mainland and the Greek Island of Symi near Rhodes. Scientists from Istanbul’s Technical University announced that they have found evidence of two active vents at about 200 m water depth along a north-south trending fissure 2.5-3 km long.” Apparently the temperature of the sea rose slightly, which might be good news for swimmers. The full story can before found here. A note from Symi a la Carte If you are thinking of a holiday on Symi later in the year and want to treat yourself to something special, then you might like to consider a property from Symi a la Carte. The company website is being worked on and, currently, the only Symi properties showing on it are Villa Laza & Laza Penthouse, but it is now possible to book these directly, on-line.  Of course, they offer many other beautiful accommodations too. The company tells me: “Unfortunately at the moment, our other properties are still only available upon request but can be looked at on the following website:” And the website is Paxos a la Carte. You should check with the company for full details, prices and availability to get the fully up to date information. [caption id="attachment_8921" align="alignright" width="198" caption="Outise the shop on a sunny winter morning"]Symi Dream images[/caption] The Symi Gallery Last night saw the opening of a new exhibition of arts and crafts made on the island of Symi. “Opening reception Friday 4th January from 5:30 to 8:00pm. Come and join us to have a look at the exhibits and enjoy a glass of wine.” The exhibition remains open until 26th January by appointment (6946 717 851). Check here for more details. More Symi News If you are not already subscribed to the online ‘Symi News’ then you might like to click this link and find their page. This is a collection of news items about Symi, Greece and the Greek people gathered together in one place; there are photos, links, articles and sometimes short videos as well. The ‘paper’ comes out once a week on a Friday. Symi Best If you have a business on Symi, or know someone who does, you may like to email Symi Best and check out that your details as listed on the site are correct. They/we are updating the site for the new season soon, so if you want anything added, changed or removed, drop a line to or go through the website. Check what’s there first in the ultimate Symi guide. [caption id="attachment_8922" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Yialos, Symi, Greece"]Symi Dream images[/caption] Other Symi things to check out while you are online and browsing: Neil Gosling photo blog for all kinds of images Symi Photos back to the 1970’s in some albums and more up to date ones Symi videos on You Tube Symi recycling and environmental team Symi music school (under construction) Enjoy your browsing and enjoy your weekend.

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