The Women’s Association of Symi

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A page for photos and videos from events organised by the Women’s Association of Symi. August 9th 2012 Traditional Greek Dances. A performance of dances from the Dodecanese organised by the Symi Women's Association and held in the town square in Yialos. Here is a short video showing one of the dances.
The Symi Shrimp Festival is held every year on Simi. In 2012 it was held in Syllogos Square, in Horio and the Women’s Association of Symi organised the event in tandem with the Municipality. There is a short video of one of the dances here:
[caption id="attachment_7964" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Symi shrimp festival"]symi shrimp festival [/caption] Sevasti Nikoli, the organiser of the Symi Women’s Association joins in one of the dances. Sevasti also teaches traditional Greek dancing. [caption id="attachment_7965" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="The Women’s Association of Symi produce"]The Women’s Association of Symi[/caption] As well as dancing and organising events, the Women’s Association of Symi also produces home produce such as marmalade, jams, pickled fish and honey. The full album of photos from the Symi Shrimp Festival is found here. See also: Koukoumas.

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