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Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 6 Comments
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The Symi Dream ‘wine nights’ have been so popular in previous years that we are holding them again this year. But what are they?

[caption id="attachment_3359" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Wine nights and gallery events"]Symi wine nights[/caption] Monday night is Wine Night at Symi Dream. On this day of the week you can browse the Symi Dream art gallery, you can browse the shop, chat to Neil and sit on the steps. Yes, you can do that on any night that the shop and gallery are open, but on Monday nights we give you a free glass of wine* just for turning up. So, the idea is that you meet friends old and new, sit and chat, view the art, browse the shop, ask Neil about living on Symi, running and business, and generally have a little bit of a ‘social’ before dinner. Everyone is welcome on any day or night at Symi Dream, but on Monday, come between six and eight in the evening and share some wine with us. You don’t have to bring your own and you don’t have to book. If you have been on one of the Symi guided Photo-Walks on Sunday, you can collect your downloaded images while you enjoy your wine. [caption id="attachment_3360" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Chatting on the steps"]Symi wine nights[/caption] On most evenings, James Collins is also there to sign his books and Neil is always available to sign his calendars and limited edition prints. We’ve even been asked to sign one of our biodegradable Symi Dream carrier bags before. It’s fun and relaxed, it’s sociable and you get to view some great art too. Afterwards, you have a choice of bars and tavernas to visit in the village. If you are coming up from Yialos you have plenty to do in Horio afterwards, and the bus runs until late into the evening, so this is your chance to make a night out of it. * It’s actually a plastic cup of wine…

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  1. Richard says:

    I’m glad you are keeping the old photos as a regular item. It is lovely to see them.
    The photo walks are a good idea as well. We do a lot of walking and it would seem strange not to get lost as we usually do. This rarely matters as we always manage to end up in a bar somewhere. The Pedi Valley is probably our favourite, trying to follow St Frances’ splendid guide book and only once have we ended in the dry river bed, surrounded by barbed wire on all sides.
    I won’t mention what I hope might be a slight typo in line 1 on this page.

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