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Update: 2014 How about photo walk with Neil when you are next on Symi. [caption id="attachment_11953" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece Simi On a photo walk[/caption] Symi Photo Walks. As in previous years Neil will be taking out walks on a Sunday morning and a Wednesday morning and showing people how he takes his photos. You don’t need an expensive DSLR or anything, he has taken people with mobile phone cameras before, and, if you’re not the photographer by your partner is, then you can still come along – there’s no obligation to take pics. Where to. Even if you have been before here will be more to learn, more tips to pick up, more to see and different things to see as the areas the walks pas through are constantly changing. I am not 100% sure of which route is on for which day at the moment but going on previous form: Wednesday is around the village lanes and upper parts of the village that many people don’t normally see. Sunday is down through the Pedi valley to the coast, taking in the changing wildlife, the plants, butterflies, insects and birds along the way. [caption id="attachment_11954" align="alignright" width="300"]Symi Greece Simi Learn how Neil takes photos like this[/caption] The Pedi one is also nice because you can then have a drink by the sea, like with the village one where you end up back in the main square for a drink afterwards, though there is no sea to see there. If there is then we start to worry as it shouldn't be so high up. Mind you, you can still look off down towards the sea and Nimos… Anyway, I digress. Contact. So, if you fancy a walk and are coming to Symi it’s best to book early. You can do this by email: right now if you know your dates, or you can do it when you arrive. The walks start at the shop at 09.25 in the morning (so as to avoid the main heat of the day and to catch some of the softer morning light) and usually finish around two and a half hours later, either in Horio or down in Pedi, from where you can catch the bus, walk back, have lunch or go on to another beach. [caption id="attachment_11955" align="alignleft" width="198"]Symi Greece Simi You also get entertained[/caption] Cost. The cost of the walks remains unchanged at €10.00 per person (whether photographing or not) and where under 16s go free. Other times and private arrangements. And, if you are not available on the Sunday or Wednesday and want to take a walk another time, this can also be arranged. There will need to be a minimum cost on these specially arranged days but the walks will be exactly the same. Unless they are not, by which I mean, if you want to take a different route and book Neil for a longer walk and head off to a different place with tour cameras, then that can be arranged as well. So, Sunday and Wednesday photo walks, other days by arrangements and other walks by arrangement as well, though extra cost will be involved. Cameras advised, as are hats, water and sensible shoes for the rougher terrain (no flip-flops). And, as you would have seen from all these photos (all taken on Neil’s Symi photo walks) you get good results and have a fun time too. A gallery of photos[gallery=206]

See Symi from a different angle. Cost: €10.00 per person

[caption id="attachment_10247" align="alignright" width="300"]Neil Gosling Image Symi photo walks are fun![/caption]

Symi photographer, Neil Gosling, takes guided photo-strolls every Sunday and Wednesday morning. And they are fun! (As this image shows.)

On each walk you can:
  • Explore some parts of Symi that you may not know.
  • Chat about photography with Symi’s local photographer
  • Pick up tips and hints, learn about your digital camera
  • Take some stunning images in the early morning, or in the evening
  • Take a good walk and have a good chat about what it is like to live on Symi
  • Download your images to CD after the walk (not included in the price) and collect your CD copy at the Monday evening free ‘wine night

"Neil's photo walk is excellent...... Neil is patient and knowledgeable so can help you get the best out of your camera no matter what it is...between us we had a point and shoot digital and an iphone....and we're still taking pics from odd angles!!" sugardens in Symi Chat

[caption id="attachment_6914" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece Pedi Valley March Pedi Valley in spring[/caption] There are four walks, speak to Neil about availability: Pedi valley (Sunday morning 9.15), from the shop along the road to the top of the valley and then down and through, coming out at Pedi from where you can get the bus back or carry on, on your own, for swimming or more walking or a visit to one of the beaches. Lower Horio (Wednesday morning 9.15), around the lanes from the shop and around the base of the Kastro for views towards Yialos, and then a few more village lanes and back to the village square. Upper Horio (Wednesday morning alternative 9.15), a walk through some of the smaller, narrower and lesser known lanes to see the features and photograph all manner of things. Up to and beyond the museum, through the ruins and back to the road, or back down through the village. Evening Mouse Castle (by arrangement), an evening walk up to the windmills and the mouse castle to see the sun set over Yialos.
  • Meet at the Symi Dream shop on the Kali Strata at 9.15 on Sunday morning (for morning walks)
  • If you are coming from Yialos by bus, get off at the top of the hill, the windmills (Lakis will tell you if you ask him) and walk down the road to the right until it levels out at the Pharmacy, turn right, down some steps and then left to the shop.
Just turn up at the shop, email or call in advance +30 6936421715 to make a booking. [caption id="attachment_10248" align="alignleft" width="300"]Photo walks on Symi Photo walks on Symi - learn new techniques[/caption] Other walks can be held on other days with a minimum of three people. Thanks for a brilliant morning – great walk (should never have found that path down to Pedi on my own), good company and lots of useful advice on taking photographs." Morning walks The morning walks will start from Symi Dream (at 09.15), in the village, and Neil will take you around Horio to see the ruins, find the hidden lanes and features of old Symi that you may not have seen before. Evening walks These too will start from Symi Dream in Horio and Neil will take you to either: a) the upper Horio where the walk will be about photographing features, architecture, ruins and landscapes. Or b) to the windmills to catch the sunset, photograph the landscapes and the view down across the Pedi Valley. [caption id="attachment_10249" align="alignleft" width="300"]Photo walks on Symi Heading off into the Pedi valley[/caption] These photo-walks will take place in the mornings, before the sun becomes too hot, or in the late afternoon when the light is kinder. Starting times and routes will depend on the month. Later in the summer the walks may start earlier in the mornings to avoid the heat of the day. Note: evening walks must be booked in advance. The photo-walks will last for around two hours and be designed so that you still have time for a day on the beach, or to do more walking afterwards.  The evening walks will be timed so that you can then carry on to dinner at one of the tavernas and have the rest of your evening ahead of you. They will not be strenuous though some climbing of steps will be involved, and you should wear good walking shoes. [caption id="attachment_10250" align="alignright" width="300"]Photo walks on Symi Photo walks on Symi - see things from a different angle[/caption] How to book Before you arrive: Email SymiDream and let us know what Sunday you would like to book for and for which walk. We will get right back to you to confirm. Or, if you are already on Symi: Call into the Symi Dream shop to chat with Neil and see which walk is happening and when. Or phone Neil on +30 6936421715. Simple. Cost: €10.00 per person
  • A limited number of digital cameras are available if you don’t have your own.
  • Further tuition on digital processing on the PC, and using Photoshop is available on a one-to-one basis. Contact Neil for more information.
  • Contact Neil before your walk day to confirm the start time (may vary with the season)
  • Personal photo-walks can be arranged subject to availability.
"Highly recommended to all Symi visitors! I uploaded some of my products to Picasaweb - I'm much happier with these than with anything I did during the previous days. AND I learnt a lot about my camera. Even enough to make me consider having a serious go at the manual."


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