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This year's Symi Festival is Αφιερωμένο στην οικολογία – dedicated to ecology For more details please call the municipality of Symi on (+30) 22460 72444 Here is the list of events from the official Symi Festival guide 2010, for August. The location for events is usually announced on the day.
[caption id="attachment_2162" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Traditional Simi costume"]Simi festival Koukoumas[/caption] Sunday 1st August Γαστρονομική Βραδιά με Γαριδάκι Συμιακά Symiote Shrimp Festival – traditional Greek dances by the Women’s Association of Symi; concert by the band of Michalis Missos Monday 2nd August Duo: Nota Bene Βραδιά κλασικής μουσικής Chamber music from Salzburg – Eva Steinschaden (violin) and Alexander Vavtar (piano) The Austrian duo, Nota Bene, are scheduled to perform their violin and piano duets at one of the festival venues. Probably the church square at St John in Yialos – but I only say that because that is where such concerts usually take place. Eva Steinschaden (violin) and Alexander Vavtar (piano) are both graduates of the Mozarteum Univesity and founded Nota Bene in 1996. They have concentrated on music of the Viennese Classical school and, in1996, were the only Austrian ensemble to win acceptance to the Trio di Trieste masterclass. Symi expects, and will no doubt get, a great performance his evening. As to what the music may be tonight? Well, the duo has recorded five CDs and their repertoire has included music by Mozart (WA and FX), Haydn, Schubert, Ravel and Arvo Pärt. Tuesday 3rd August A concert by Ίρις Μαυράκι & Αγαππτό Πάχο and their six member band. Iris Mavraki was born in Zaire, and her parents were Greek and Austrian. She travelled much in her youth and finally settled in Rhodes, where she studied piano and singing. She auditioned for Nick Mason and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) in 1981, and has appeared on stage with many international artists. Recently she released an album with the band ‘Dreamtone’ from Ankara. Agapitos Pachos has appeared at the Symi Festival before. Wednesday 4th August Πολιτιστική συνάντηση ‘Ενωσης Σύμης με τον Πολιτιστικό Σύλλογο Λόφου Greek traditional dances by the Women's Association of Symi and the Pontic Association of Lofou Thursday 5th August Revival of the traditional feast of Sotiris the Great, Μεγάλου Σωτήρη Today sees the feast of Megalos Sotiris, and the Symi Festival programme announces that tonight will see: the Revival of the traditional feast of Sotiris the Great, Μεγάλου Σωτήρη. If you are here and going to the monastery itself (on the road to Panormitis, near the Byzantine wine presses’ turn off – you’ll need a car or moped), you can expect to see some examples of post-Byzantine art work. The carved wooden iconostasis is gold-plated, but the icons use a Renaissance technique. There are many portrayals of saints ‘within medals’ which supplement the folky wall painting of the katholikon. The altar is very interesting with its wooden coffin. Friday 6th August Ειρήνη Μυλωνάκη – Traditional and contemporary dances by the dance groups of Irene Milonaki Saturday 7th August Greek traditional dances by the dance groups of the Symiote Association of Rhodes – Συλλόγου Συμιακών Ρόδου, Ο Γλαύκος Sunday 8th August Concert by Λευτέρη Στεφάνου and his students, along with the band ΣΥΝΕΡΓΕΙΟ A slideshow of photos taken at the event: Monday 9th August Concert by Νικολέτα Οικονόμου and the orchestra of Στεφάνου
[caption id="attachment_2161" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Η Ένωση Γυναικών Συμής "]Symi Women's association dance show[/caption] Tuesday 10th August Classical and modern dance by the Women’s Association of Symi under the direction of Rhiannon Wheeler. Η Ένωση Γυναικών Συμής Wednesday 11th August Lecture about the geographical position of Simi in relation to birds and fish, ομιλία της Ελένης Ζαχαρίου Thursday 12th August Concert by the band ΧΡΩΜΑΤΑ ΤΗΣ ΙΡΙΔΑΣ, Chromata tis Iridas Friday 13th August Theatrical performance of the Symiote Theatre, directed by Antonis Antonoglou Θεατρική ηθογραφική παράσταση ‘Σύμη το νησί των σφουγγαράδων.’ Saturday 14th August Concert by Nino Συναυλία του Νίνο Nino appearas in the Symi Festival today. Top Greek singer Στέφανο “Νίνο” Ξυπολιτάς is due to appear in the Symi Festival this evening; expect a big turnout. Nino’s career started off after he appeared in as a contestant in the first series of Fame Story on TV. Since then he has released five albums. He was born in 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden, but moved to Rhodes more or less straight away. By the age of 16 he was playing many instruments, including guitar and piano, drums and harmonica, and giving performances at night clubs. Since the Fame Story appearance in 2004 though his career has rocketed and he has since appeared along side Anna Vissi, Elena Paparizou and Peggy Zina. In may this year Nino released his first track from his new label. The song is simply called ‘God’ and he performed it live on May 19th at the Playmate 2010 beauty contest shown on the Star channel. What’s the betting it’s played again tonight in the Symi Festival? Monday 16th August Concert by Dimitris Nikoloudis and his band. Συναυλία του Δημήτρη Νικολούδη “Τα τραγούδια, τα όνειρα και το τρεχαντηράκι…” (the songs, the dreams and the trexandiraki, a small, fast, sailing boat). Thus reads the Symi Festival brochure for today. Dimitris Nikoloudis was born in Thessaloniki and grew up among the folk songs and music of his ancestors, and then among the folk bars of the city during and after his schooling, where he studied singing. His first album was released in 1994 and the most recent, his fourth, ‘Sunflower’ was released in 2004. Dimitris has made many television appearances, and performed many concerts with other leading Greek musicians, and he has also appeared in the Symi Festival before. Friday 20th August Μια βραδιά αφιερωμένη στους Σμυρνιούς συνβέτες του ρεμπέτικου τραγουδιού Greek concert dedicated to the Smyrniot composers of rebetic songs Notes by James Collins: The origins of Rebetiko, it is said, can be found in the prison songs of the mid-19th century, as recorded in writing by the French nobleman Appair, who visited Greece to study the problems of Othonian Prisons in 1850. Around this time, in Athens at least, Greek music was dominated by Italian opera [] and songs were based on these melodies. That is until songs such as the Ionian Islands serenade the Athens Songs came about, and the conservatory of Athens opened in 1871. Musical tastes changed over the following years as Rebetika developed. Rebetika are songs of the cities and especially of the ports and particularly Piraeus. Rebetika are songs of the poor and dispossessed. The Smyrniot composers started writing rebektia in the early 20th century, and the style of this music, it is said, started to decline in the 1950’s. However there was a great revival in the 1960’s and the songs and music are still played today. Check out Rembetiko (Greek: Ρεμπέτικο) a 1983 film directed by Costas Ferris and written by Costas Ferris and Sotiria Leonardou, with original music by Stavros Xarchakos. The film is based on the life of rebetiko singer Marika Ninou. I’ve seen it, it’s very atmospheric, the music is wonderful and, although sad, you get a good feel for how life was in the ports of Greece in those times. Saturday 21st August Traditional dances by the Cretan Association of Rhodes Συλλόγου Κρητών Ρόδου Notes by James Collins: I did some very quick research into the Cretan population of Rhodes, and found the following:
On the outskirts of the city of Rhodes, on the road connecting the city with the airport, a small settlement of houses by the sea called Kritika (Cretan), reveals the story of a community of Greek-speaking Muslims who fled Crete to Ottoman Rhodes at the end of the 19th century. We met some of the residents and listened to their stories, but many were hesitant to talk and give out their names. The people who fled Crete to Rhodes at the end of the 19th century were “Muslims who spoke the Greek language,” said a local. The Muslims left Chania and other areas of Crete because of unrest on the island. There are no written sources referring to the story of the ‘Cretans’ of Rhodes because they were fishermen, the local said.  “Only oral tradition and the Cretan dialect that older people use indicate our origin,” he said. “There used to be other settlements like this one in other areas of Rhodes, such as in Trianda,” said an old lady living in the same area, speaking in the Cretan dialect. Just above the settlement, visitors reach a mosque dating back to the time the first Cretan refugees arrived in Rhodes. Next to it is a cemetery that tells more about the settlement’s Muslim Cretan roots. Last names are engraved on the gravestones with the characteristic Cretan last name ending aki or akis, such as Zehra Tosunaki, Mustafa Kopanaki and Nezmi Yusufakis, proving the inhabitants’ Cretan origin. That extract from
[caption id="attachment_2151" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Nimos an island off Simi"]Nimos island off Simi[/caption] Monday 23rd August Αναβίωση του παραδοσιακού της Παναγίας της Νήμου Revival of the traditional Feast of Santa Maria of Nimos Saturday 28th August Concert by the Turkish band Ayhan Sicimoĝlu & Latin All Stars Συναυλία του Τούρκικου συγκροτήματος Ayhan Sicimoĝlu & Latin All Stars
Wednesday 1st September to Thursday 2nd September ΔΙΗΜΕΡΟ ΕΚΔΗΛΩΣΕΩΝ ΕΙΡΗΝΗΣ Two day events dedicated to peace, organised by the Municipality of Symi and the Municipality of Datca (Turkey)
Sunday 5th September Lecture by the historian Γιώργου Ν. Τσαμπανάκη about the genealogical tree and the biographical data of the Archimandrite Isaias at the monastery of Ταζιάρχου Μιχαήλ του Πανορμήτου Σύμης (Panormitis, at 12.00) Monday 6th September Foot race from Nimborio to Symi and inauguration of the new road. Αγώνας δρόμου Νιμποριού – Σύμης Tuesday 7th September Inauguration of the new library and of Symi’s historic archive by the University of Crete. Εγκαίνια της βιβλιοθήκης Αίγλη από το Πανεπιστήμιο Κρήτης 9th to 11th September 2nd Hellenic-Turkish convention of static and dynamic systems mechanics 2ο Ελληνοτουρκικό συνέδριο στατιστικής  μηχανικής και δυναμικών 10th to 12th September Τριήμερο τουρνουά αγώνων ποδοσφαίρου και εγκαίνια αθλητικού κέντρου στο Πέδι Three-day football tournament and inauguration of the new sports centre at Pedi Monday 20th September Inauguration of the sports area and of the new wing of Panormitio Secondary School. Εγκαίνια χώρου άθλησης και προσθήκης σχολικού κτιρίου στο Πανορμίτειο Γυμνάσιο Σύμις Tuesday 21st September Εγκαίνια προσθήκης σχολικού κτιρίου στο Ιωαννίδειο Δημοτικό σχολείο Σύμης Inauguration of the new wing of the Iosannidio Primary School

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