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From July 2010 we’ve decided to start running free competitions. These are for fun and prizes are given out. New competitions will be announced on the daily Symi blog. The current or most recent competition will be at the top of the list below. Entrance to the competitions is free; for each competition one name will be selected at random by an independent third party, to be the winner; our decision is final and there is no cash equivalent for the prize etc. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="256" caption="Symi in the past"]Old Symi photos[/caption] 2011 January At the moment we are continuing with our ‘send in your old Symi photos’ idea, though it’s not really a competition. The idea is to slowly build up a collection of shared images that people have taken in the past, it can be a couple of years ago or 20 years ago, it doesn’t matter. Simply email them in (see the contact page) and we’ll post them in the Old Symi Photos gallery. And then, from time to time, we will pull a name from a hat and send off a Symi Dream goodie by way of reward. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ December And so for the December competition… I know people may be busy this month, but if you have any old photos of Symi then why not send them in for our gallery of old Symi photos? The gallery is not very big at the moment and we’d like it to grow, so get searching and scanning. Email me any pictures you have that were taken in Symi in the past and I’ll add them to the gallery and put your name in the hat for a prize at the end of the year. I have some that were taken 14 years ago and, when I can, I’ll get them scanned in. They don’t have to be ancient, though that would be nice, but I guess last summer is a bit too recent. See what you can find and let’s see if we can get the gallery built up – it is one of the more often visited pages on the site. Email your photos; click here. Winner drawn at random: prize as usual will be something from the online Symi Dream shops. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- November What to write? Send in your thoughts and ideas on what we can write about on the Symi Dream blog, or what pages would you like to see? Informationabout how to get to Symi, what holiday companies operate here? What it is like to move to Symi, what happens in the winter? It's up to you! Use the contacts page to send an email or complete the form - and you might win a Symi Dream calendar in time for Christmas. -------------------------------------------------------------------
September /October Give us your Symi quote. Simply send in a sentence or two saying what it is about Symi that you love. That’s it, nice and simple. You can email us, or use the form on the contacts page. [caption id="attachment_2481" align="alignleft" width="140" caption="Symi Calendar 2010"]Symi Calendar[/caption] If you don’t know Symi but you read the blog, then say what it is about the Symi Dream blog that you like. Anyone can join in and the prize for this month’s competition will be a 2011 Symi Calendar. Our favourite quotes will then be posted on the blog in the ‘what you say about Symi’ box on the right. As usual entrance to the competitions is free; for each competition one name will be selected at random by an independent third party, to be the winner; our decision is final and there is no cash equivalent for the prize etc. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- August 2010 Here is an easy competition that anyone can enter for free. The winner will receive a signed, limited edition, Neil Gosling photograph, usually retailing for €35.00, unframed. Symi photos Closed- Winner announced September 2nd [caption id="attachment_2151" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Symi photos by Neil Gosling"]Nimos island off Simi[/caption] Actually it may not be that easy. There are thousands of original Symi images on our site dating back to 2005, and there are over 200 Symi photo galleries and a couple from Rhodes. But I reckon that most visitors to the site have a favourite Symi photo, and may even have downloaded it and saved it. What’s your favourite picture and why? Simply check through the site and email useither the page address where the photo shows up on its own, or the photo itself, and say why you like it so much. (It must be a Symi Dream photo!) To find a page address, find the photo in a gallery or on a page and click it – most will open in a new page, click the page address in the bar at the top of your web browser then copy/paste that address into the body of your email. If the photo doesn’t open on a new page send the address of the page it appears on. As usual entrance to the competition is free; one name will be selected at random by an independent third party, our decision is final and there is no cash equivalent for the prize etc. July 23rd 2010 - Symi Dream shop colour competition Closed - symi dream shopWe are having the outside of the shop decorated soon and we want to change the colour. So we thought we would ask our Symi Dream friends and blog readers to guess what colours the new look is going to be. Send a quick mail with your guess, all entries will go ‘into a hat’ and one will be pulled out at random when the painting work starts. The winner will receive a Symi Dream T shirt, or mug, or something from our online gift store. Email here. Symi competitions T shirtJuly 2010 Symi Dream competition The challenge is: The first person to send in a photo for the blog, showing themselves, or someone else, wearing one of the new Map of Horio T Shirts, will win one of the following: A) €10.00 voucher to The Olive Tree, the healthy café in Horio B) €10.00 discount on any Symi Dream products in our shop on Symi C) A Symi Dream journal, T Shirt, mug, cap, or bag from the online Symi Dream store at CaféPress (you choose) You can find the Map of Horio T Shirts by clicking here. Have fun! [This competition is still running]

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