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What’s being said and written about Symi Dream, and where have we been mentioned? Here are some quotes about Symi Dream that we have found, and mentions of where we have appeared in print. If you find any more, or want to post a guestbook style quote here, and for interviews just email us.
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  Symi Greek islandSymi Greek islandSymi Greek islandSymi Greek islandSymi Greek islandThe Telegraph ...James’s writing has clearly been inspired by his new home. He has written two books about life on the island, and is working on a screenplay about a gay civil partnership on a small Greek island... Read the full article here Print Publications Symi Greek islandΒΗΜΑgazino The supplement of TO ΒΗΜΑ, a Greek national newspaper. When interviewed and photographed along with many ex-pats who were eligible to vote in the 2006 local election, Neil was quotes as saying: «Πήγα μία φορά πίσω στο Μπράιτον και δεν μου άρεσε καθόλου.» “I went back to Brighton once, and didn’t like anything about it.” (A rough translation by me and apologies to Brighton!) Symi Greek islandDAS EINFAMILIEN HAUSE Nr.2/2006 April/May Neue Heimat Nicht alle, die von der Schönheit der Insel fasziniert sind, können sich gleich einen Palazzo leisten. Der englische Fotograf Neil Gosling, der die Bilder für diese Reportage gemacht hat, lebt seit drei Jahren auf der Insel. In der ersten Zeit jobbte er mal hier, mal da, kellnerte und verkaufte Schwämme as Touristen. Vor einem Jahr hat er sein eigenes eigenes Fotostudio eröffnet, an der Kali Strata, die von der östlichen Hafenseite über 380 Stufen aufwärts führt. Gosling ist einer von rund siebzig Briten, die das ganze Jahr über auf Symi leben. Sein Haus in England hat er nach einem Jahr auf der Insel verkauft und hier eine neue Heimat gefunden. [Apologies for any typos by me.] Symi Greek islandLonely Planet Guide “Seek out Neil in his atelier in Horio…” Guestbook & Emails Symi Greek island"Whilst we’re not here, we are Symi’s reluctant exiles, who keep our connection to the island through James Collins’s excellent books and blogs. James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, the dramas and the difficulties, and in reporting what he sees with kind humour and a writer’s eye for the details essential to lively travel writing. " Anne Zouroudi August 2009 Symi Greek island“What an amazing website you have. We had a wonderful time during our recent 5-day visit to Symi in October 2007; it was a real pleasure to meet you.” Symi Greek island“Still love looking at these photos, especially those showing people, and trying to identify them.” Richard Parker Symi Greek island“Your website is almost a part of my daily routine. I check it often. I love it. My family is from Symi, but I live in America. Unlike other websites, you post many pictures of people and not just scenery. I was so excited to see some of my family members (after two years) on your website! Thank you.” Maria. Symi Greek island“Love the website - I enjoyed reading James Village View, keep up the good work.” Tom & Annette Symi Greek island“Hello Symi Dream people, I am 13 Years old and I am from Symi both my parents grew up there, but I live in America... and so i usually go in the summer to see my grandparents and aunts and uncles.  Your website is truly great because I can see Symi and all my friends without even being there. It's so AWESOME!! Keep up the good work.” Eleftheria Found on the web   Symi Greek island Blogcatalog "hi there i have just found your blog in blogcatalog.interesting to read about daily life in symi.i have visited symi once many moons ago but never got to go back and spend more time there. david I love your site :) and great pictures! And Greece is just awesome! Interesant your blog. Regards from Venezuela. Interessante il uo blog. Saluti dal Venezuela." Symi Greek “I came across a great website today called SymiDream. It’s all about what’s going on the small Greek island of Symi. I think I’ll subscribe and catch up with what’s going on there. “ Symi Greek islandSymi Chat pages “While we're talking about books to read on holiday, can I recommend James Collins' "Jason and the Sargonauts"? I read it while on Symi in June and loved it. It's great fun trying to spot all the Symi locations and solve the musical mystery before the characters in the book. I failed of course but it was fun trying! The ‘comic, camp and musical Da Vinci Code.’ quote says it all except that I think it's better written than the Da Vinci Code.” Symi Greek island“I agree completely with the comments about "Jason and the Sargonauts." Couldn't put the book down! Just be careful if you read it at the beach as you might laugh out loud!” Symi Greek island“I've got Jason and the Sargonauts (personally signed copy having collected from young James in May)....a thoroughly good and witty read. If you want to see more of James’ witty writing talent relating tales of Symi life, take a peak at the Symi Dream website. Some excellent photos there too usually taken by Neil.” Symi Greek islandKnow (Re: Symi 85600) A collection of writings that present an honest and often humorous account of two Ex-pat’s experiences of living on a small Greek island. This book also contains extracts from the symidream web site and the complete guide ‘How to move to a Greek island or other place in the sun.’ “Even if you are not thinking of moving abroad this little collection will entertain and inform.” Symi Greek “Another great Symi Site is, great photos and blogs and links. Symi Dream provide a positive and informative look at day to day life on Symi… As well as bringing you photos from island photographer Neil Gosling, it gives you a real feel for what it is like to live on Symi…” Read the full article here. Symi Greek islandBusiness degree Neil Gosling has been blogging since December 2007 about his life on the idyllic island of Symi, located off the coast of mainland Greece. You might ask, “Why Symi of all places?” Fortunately, his “Why Symi?” page has a list of no less than 100 reasons he chose to live on the tiny island. Number 85: “Jumping from a boat into the transparent sea.” Symi Greek islandI am writing to inform you that Symi Dream has been featured on Business Degree Online's list of the Top 50 Expatriate blogs. We hand-picked a list of our favorite expat blogs and then outlined the unique reasons why we think they're great. I enjoyed your tales of Grecian island life.

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