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There was a piece in H Kathimerini (June 25th 2012) one of Greece’s national newspapers, about foreigners who are promoting Greece through their personal blogs. Good to see Matt Barratt in there, and good to see Symi Dream too. I was interviewed last week and one of Neil’s photos (below) was used in the print edition, and here is my very rough translation of part of the article. [Full article in Greek is here.] [caption id="attachment_7524" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Promoting Symi and Greece"]give Greece a chance[/caption] Foreigners advertise the beauties of our country through the internet. Joanna Fotiadis Foreigners living permanently in Greece, or who visit regularly, who have knowledge and respect, through their blogs send message everywhere: Come to Greece. "One of our main goals is to encourage people to visit Greece, and Simi in particular," says the Briton James Collins, who along with photographer Neil Gosling started symidream.com in 2005. "We show everything the island has in a positive way," he explains. The two Britons reached the outlying island in 2002 and "took root." "Simi is ideal for us, it is the ideal place for a working writer and a photographer." From James’ very popular column «Village View» came the book «Symi 85600» and from the many questions regularly asked about life on the island in the winter, James created «Carry on up the Kali Strata». His blog is in English and receives daily 900 -1,000 unique visits. "Many visitors say that they came to Symi thanks to the blog, while others keep their Simi memory alive until next summer by following the blog». (James and Neil) cannot say what the future holds, but ten years after their arrival they say they are still living their own Symi Dream! Another Briton who lives permanently in Simi, the graphic designer Jordan Blakesley, launched a campaign to support Greece through a photo contest «Greece the World over». "These are photos from anywhere in the world where the center is a Greek flag," says the British photographer. "Those interested in sending their photos should see www.greeka.com the project is open until late October." [caption id="attachment_7525" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Neil organising one of the photo shoots"]give Greece a chance[/caption] I think we should feel quite pleased that we have had national recognition for promoting Symi, and Greece, in a positive light. Meanwhile:

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