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Thursday, July 8th, 2010 3 Comments
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It’s all very strange today; one of those days that is not working out as planned at all. To start with my alarm didn’t go off and I was blissfully unaware (as I lay there listening out for the church clock to chime and give me the hour, and waiting for my wake up call), that I had missed the boat. I could, maybe, have run for it as I finally got up to see what the time was – thinking at was six as the alarm was set for six-thirty – to discover it was half seven. But by the time I’d got ready, rushed down and sweated a lot, I probably would have only seen the back end of the Dodecanese  Express sailing away. So I didn’t risk the humiliation, and changed my plans. I also switched back to my old phone as this new one is clearly unreliable. It told me, last night, that it didn’t want to be plugged in, or the battery put on charge as it was already quite full up, thank you. By six thirty in the morning it had clearly emptied itself and switched off.

So I turned on the computer as usual and found a message from Leah Hyslop of the Telegraph, letting me now that she had put her article online on their website. We’d been contacted for an interview about a week ago, but I didn’t say anything before. But now  you can get to the Telegraph online, lifestyle/expat pages and read the full interview.  I like the way they’ve used the photo of the ‘sign and wine’ night – when locals, expats and visitors gathered to celebrate the safe return of the shop sign after it had been stolen. There’s another photo too – one that Neil took for some big international magazine who never paid him. (No names mentioned.)

Symi dream telegraph

Once I’d seen this I noticed another email in the box… Ta Nea, the Greek national newspaper, have contacted us for an interview too, so I've replied positively and wait to hear. Meanwhile, someone’s picked up on the screenplay that I am co-writing, and there are two international wine companies interested in sponsoring the film around the international film festival circuit, and there are two celebs interested to play parts. The film is set in Greece, and one of our hopes is that it may be released and possibly boost tourism to wherever in the country it gets filmed, and to the country generally. I’m going to set up an updates page one day soon, so that anyone interested can follow the writing and creating process. I’ll let you know when that’s up and running.

Symi greek island
Alarm Cat remains unphased by today's news - where was he when I needed him this morning?

And then this image came in…


Accompanied by an email: “I am writing to inform you that Symi Dream has been featured on Business Degree Online's list of the Top 50 Expatriate blogs. We hand-picked a list of our favourite expat blogs and then outlined the unique reasons why we think they're great. I enjoyed your tales of Grecian island life.”

And you may see some changes to the site soon too. As well as all this media attention I’ve got someone working on tiding up the Symi Dream site as it’s growing out of my hands, and frankly looks messy. There are too many things on the right and too many in the top menu for a start. So watch out for these little changes, which I will point out when they happen.

So an unexpected day on Symi, already filled with emails and phone calls. I just wonder what’s going to come in next.

3 Responses to “Symi Dream in the news”

  1. jon ryan says:

    You two are really on the up – great stuff!
    Can we have some clues about the screenplay?

  2. Kon says:

    Well done guys ,great write up and coverage for you and Symi.

  3. Richard says:

    It’s all go, isn’t it? Business Degree Online have made a good choice; this is an entertaining blog.
    Yes, it was a good evening on The Steps and I can see some very suspicious-looking characters in the photo.