Symi Dream map of Horio & an offer

Friday, July 2nd, 2010 No Comments
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The advertising postcards with the map of Horio arrived yesterday. Well, they may have arrived some time ago but Miss DJ went to check for us yesterday and kindly collected them from the post office for us. It’s that time of year when it is hard for us to get to the harbour and have to call in favours. Even getting till changed (VAT up again slightly as of yesterday) involves either closing the shop or having a friend take it for you with theirs – thanks Astrid! I didn’t realise that Adonis was up at the Rainbow Bar changing Yiannis’ till yesterday otherwise we could have slipped ours in too, hey ho. Symi Greece We have put some of the cards at the bar so that when people stop and ask directions for how to get to ‘the church’ we can show them and give them a card. The Olive Tree will have some, the 2A’s has some, and other businesses have also said they will put a few in their places, in case they have people come and ask for directions. Hopefully they will be helpful to visitors. There is a T Shirt with the map on it at our online shop, a couple actually, and I reckon we should give a prize to the first person photographed wearing one. What that prize might be I have no idea, a voucher for spending at the Symi Dream shop perhaps? Yes, I like that idea. The first person either seen on Symi or sending in a photo of themselves wearing a Horio Map T Shirt, and put on the blog will get a gift voucher. I know the Olive Tree has vouchers to so perhaps one for spending there, or one for spending at Symi Dream. There you go, there’s a challenge for you. Symi Greece Must get on. It’s a hot day, the neighbours are having their roof repaired (all going well it seems L & J), Charlene has gone to the beach already as she starts work at midday, Neil’s getting ready to go and open the shop, and the Alarm Cat is asleep, in the way, under my desk as usual. [caption id="attachment_4427" align="alignleft" width="198"]Symi Dream Shop Symi Dream Shop[/caption]

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