Symi Dream gallery, wine night and football

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010 1 Comment
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The Monday evening ‘wine with your art’ went well again last night, with around 40 people visiting the shop and gallery, chatting on the steps and viewing the art. Another pleasant evening, made more pleasant when there was a slight breeze up the Kali Strata, which happened from time to time. With the gallery doors and window open there was also some air coming through up there, which helped bring down the temperature, which has suddenly gone through the roof; at least it feels that way. A week ago we had clouds and it was noticeably cooler, but this week it’s been in the high 30’s and calm.

Recently in the village square

I did receive a comment last night to the effect of ‘you've not been blogging the football results’ to which I replied, ‘is there some football happening then?’ Apparently so. Actually I know this, and I even know some of the scores as one of the games is played while I am looking after the Rainbow Bar in the afternoon. So yesterday I saw Ned play Den, and wondered why there were only two people playing until I worked out that it stood for Netherlands and Denmark (2 – 0), and the other night we called in to say hello at the 2 A’s where Germany were in the lead by 2 goals when I left and when I turned the TV on as soon as I got home they were 4 – 0 up, which I thought was pretty impressive as it only took me about three minutes to get from to 2 A’s to B, as it were. I also know that Greece lost their first game, and England drew one-all with someone, and that something is happening today that involves New Zealand. So, there’s about all I know about the football at the moment. [I am sure that brother-in-law James will correct me when I get my football facts wrong.]


I do know however that some games are more popular than others around the village. The Greece game was attended by several English people and the England game drew a big Greek crowd to the bar the other night. But that’s enough of football.

The wedding party came to the shop to choose their photos last night and seemed more than happy with the results, so Neil has a day or two of printing to get on with. Visitors from Canada came to view the gallery and made some nice comments about the online shop too. And to answer the question: yes, as far as I know, Café Press deliver to Canada and North America, and probably just about anywhere in the world. Which reminds me, I must design some more T Shirts, slogans, mugs and things during this week.


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  1. Kojak says:

    James! James! your’s was about the only football free webpage in the world up until now!