Symi Dream at Café Press

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 No Comments
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SymiGood news for all fans of the Alarm Cat, you can now get an ‘Alarm Cat Fan’ T shirt from our new on-line shop. I set this up yesterday and I am still tinkering with it, so it is not quite finished as yet. There are many more ideas for things, like photo books and pictures, more shirts and ‘bits and pieces’ which I hope to develop over the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, if you’re planning on keeping a travel journal on your next visit to Symi then you might like the ‘My Symi Dream’ journal… Symi Click here to visit the new shop The really nice thing about Café Press is that it’s quick and easy to upload new designs, so we could even make up T shirts, or whatever, on request and simply add them to the shop. Anyone can make their own of course, and you don’t have to actually sell things to the general public, you can use the site for your own presents and keep them private. Symi Anyway, that’s what I was doing yesterday. That and covering the bar in the afternoon, having a wonderful barbeque at the Marj house in the evening and then stopping for a late chat with friends just arrived. At the (real, as opposed to virtual) shop, the police are once again sending people up for their ID photos, now the paper and printing specs have been sorted, which is good news all round – saves that trip to Rhodes. The weather is still not too sure what it is up to. Yesterday’s heavy cloud that threatened rain but didn’t deliver, is thinning out so there’s hope that the blue sky will be back any moment. And in the garden the first of the apricots are falling off the tree with a rustle and a splat. I need to get out there care save as many as I can reach – which isn’t many as all the ready ones are near the top. That’s a job for later I think. Symi

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