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Tuesday, August 26th, 2008 1 Comment
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Just a note on dentists. People often ask about health care etc. and what is it like on the island? Strangely someone asked me about dentists over the weekend and yesterday Neil went for a filling, or more like a reconstruction. There are two dentists in Yialos, one near the bridge and one towards the bottom of the Katarraktis. Both are good, I am told, certainly the one I used three years ago was great and Neil's biz yesterday was quick, clean and something of a bargain at 40 euros for a couple of fillings. So don't be scared to use our local dental surgeries if you are ever in need on Symi. You can find contact details through the local island papers or asking a Pachos'.

A couple of random photos today, though not of teeth:



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  1. Kojak says:

    40 euros? That’s cheap for a couple of gnashers filled. It cost me more than that for one small filling on our much vaunted NHS. A good case for getting your fangs seen to on Symi!