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I have been sent the latest update from Symi Animal Welfare, so here it is:

Sadly, poor Bonnie passed away a short time ago.  Her trip over to the vet on Rhodes proved unsuccessful, she was so sick and the medication simply improved the last couple of weeks of her life, it couldn't save her.  After a variety of owners and some time surviving on the streets, Bonnie did eventually find someone who cared enough to give her the home she desperately wanted and, for a number of years too.
The current hot weather is a difficult time for the animals, especially the young kittens.  If you are visiting, as mentioned in previous reports, please put down fresh water in a safe place for them to drink. A thirsty animal will smell such a treat from far away!  However, please do not move any small kittens and take them to a watering place, this could disturb the mother's routine and she may not be able to find it again.  

Symi animal welfare
On this subject, we would like to mention Steve and Kerry from Guernsey, who are here on holiday at the moment. Genuine animal-lovers, every day, they are feeding so many street cats, in fact, the word has spread through the cat-community and more are turning up for a Kerry- feast each morning.  They are so interested in our work here on the island and have commented on how well the animals appear over-all.  Of course, we have mentioned that if ever they fancy relocating to Symi, how welcome they would be as part of our small team of volunteers.  Yamas Steve and Kerry!!
We also wish to thank the visitors so far this season who have given donations and the ones who have sought us out to introduce themselves.

Symi animal welfare
Suzan Rashid has taken over from Gill Bennett, who returned to the UK a few months ago. Her husband is a fisherman and also has a farm up in the mountains. Her knowledge, understanding and love of all animals will be a great bonus to our team
Best wishes, Melanie, Claudia, Hazel, Christina, Tove and Suzan

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