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SAW contacted us yesterday evening and asked if we would post their monthly update. So here it is:

As March comes to an end I would like to give a brief summary of recent events in the Symi Animal Welfare diary -
Martin has contacted us to say that he is making steady progress, he is now looking forward to visiting Symi later in the summer.  He has been heartened by all the good wishes forwarded to him and Pam.  We hope that his recovery continues.
Dates for the Greek Animal Welfare vet visit have at last been confirmed.  Once everything is finalised, details will be issued on this forum.
A number of residents who had expected an earlier visit from a SAW vet were advised to take their animals along to the FAROS vets, their clinic last week was a success.
One of the winter feeding volunteers contacted us in great distress as one of her Yialos cats had a fish-hook in her gum.  Souvlaki as she is known was also heavily pregnant.  With patience and care, the fish-hook was removed and she was monitored closely afterwards.  She gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens a few weeks ago and a local supermarket owner had put them in a small box.  Mother and litter are all doing really well and the shopkeeper wants to take them to his warehouse for vermin-control!
Winter feeding is virtually at an end.  Food stocks dried up some time ago but most of our volunteers have continued to put out food (paid for by themselves) on a regular basis.  The better weather, more businesses opening and a few early tourists will ensure that the street cats will find more scraps than during the cold of winter.
On a sad note and as many of you will have heard already, Barbie became more and more unwell and eventually disappeared.  Her body was found at the weekend, her tired body had finally given up, she was too weak to roam anymore.  Her most recent carers identified her, contacted Jane with the news and arranged for her burial.  SAW would like to thank everyone who has shared the care of this old lady over the years since Jane returned to the UK
Another appalling incident was the shooting, at close-range, with either an air-rifle or pellet gun, of a beloved family pet cat.  This horrific act occurred near to the Village Hotel. 
Boogie by the way was 6 months old a few weeks ago.  Rescued at 3 days old after his mother was poisoned, he is fit and strong and has the most velvety, grey coat ever!
For further information on any of our activities or to volunteer in some capacity, 
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Best wishes, Melanie Sharp


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