Symi, May 25th not much to tell you

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 No Comments
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It’s one of those mornings where there isn’t very much to tell you. We had a successful, pleasant ‘wine with your artwork’ evening yesterday at the shop/gallery, we’ve confirmed that Saturday night is the night we are playing music at Giorgio & Maria taverna (after 8pm), and we were invited to a barbeque after the shop closed last night, so it was a bit of a late one for us. That wouldn't be a problem had it not been for the Alarm Cat breaking in through the bathroom window and shouting outside my bedroom door, loudly, at six thirty this morning. So, rather than tell you all that, I thought I’d put up some photos from the archive instead.

To the Castro in January

Symi pedi
Pedi in February

Horio in March

Nimborio in April

Yialos in May

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