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Here you will find a list of services that were offered by Symi Dream, the shop on the Kali Strata.

The shop is no longer open but you can see on online gift store click here To find our Symi books and calendars online click here

[caption id="attachment_1776" align="alignleft" width="200"]symi wedding photography art gallery Celebrating Symi Dream[/caption] Symi Dream was the name of our shop, and is still our website of course. The shop was on the Kali Strata, towards the ‘top’ end, just below the famous Georgio’s Taverna. It was opened in 2005 and hosted the only permanent art gallery space on Symi. Neil Gosling is a registered, licensed photographer for the island of Symi, Greece. Symi Dream provided excellent photo services at reasonable prices, including the following:
Symi wedding photographs Neil Gosling
Symi wedding photos
ID, ‘paperwork’, health book, school and other small photos of the traditional ‘passport’ sizes. These are taken and are ready within a few minutes, in either black and white or colour. Weddings, baptisms and other events. See our Symi Weddings page for more details and samples. Symi property services. If you are building on Symi (also called Simi by the way), you will need images for the governing bodies as the work progresses. We can take these and have them emailed to the appropriate department the same day. Prints can also be produced. Photo restoration. Through the use of Photoshop we can restore old and damaged images, within reason. Symi Dream has been doing this since day one, and you can see some of the results at Georgio’s Taverna, among other places. We love the idea of preserving Symi history through this process, we have restored many a damaged image for local people and thus have been able to make a digital representation that will outlast the original paper photo. Limited Edition prints. Neil has exhibited in various countries, and has been published in various periodicals, newspapers and books. At the Symi Dream shop he displays and sells limited editions of some of his work. There are many Symi photos to choose from and others from his collection. In 2010 Symi Dream also has available prints from local photographer and artist Nikos Psarros. There are also other art prints from other artists who live and/or work on Symi.
Photo restoration
Photo restoration
The Symi Dream Gallery. Above the Symi Dream shop we have a small gallery space in which we regularly display work by local artists and photos by Neil Gosling. We have played host to the local Symi art group ODAS for several years, as well as attracting artists such as Haycox, Sarah Bassett and Gill Bennett. See our Gallery page for more details and photos. Click Here for our Gallery page. Prints. Symi Dream, can be used for producing prints of various sizes, up to the standard A4 size. We can arrange for larger digital images to be printed too. Note: we don’t work from film, only digital photos. [caption id="attachment_2130" align="alignleft" width="150"]Photographing Symi events Photographing Symi events[/caption] Greetings cards. Symi Dream produces its own cards. These are not postcards and they come as single fold greetings cards left blank for your own message. You can write so much more on one of these than you can on a postcard, and they cost the same to post as a postcard; each one comes with its own envelope. (Stamps must be bought at the Symi post office.) Image CDs. We also produce a CD collection of over 300 of Neil’s exclusive Symi photos on one CD. This is a popular way of taking home some ‘out of season’ and unusual photos of Symi, as well as images of your favourite parts of the island. Digital downloads. Should you run out of memory on your camera, you can download your images to a CD, or DVD, check them on our computer and then free up your card for more Symi photos. Easy and quick! Portraits etc. [caption id="attachment_2131" align="alignleft" width="101"]Portraits Portraits[/caption] Neil is also available for family portraits and other portrait work. This service has been a popular prize in the local school raffle in the past, and has been very popular with local people and visitors alike. Anniversaries, special occasions or just for that special portrait you've always wanted. For all these photo services, please enquire at the shop. For booking wedding photography and other special events from abroad, or for any other enquiries, please email us in advance. When you do visit the Symi Dream shop you will find other products too. We produce our own books about Symi, and music composed here and much of this can also be bought online. Keep on scrolling…

Symi Calendars

For good quality calendars, and for original photos taken year by year, you need to see our Symi Dream Calendars. We produce one each year, around July time, and these tend to sell out very quickly. They can also be ordered online. [caption id="attachment_2090" align="aligncenter" width="300"]photos from the 2011 calendar Symi photos from the 2011 calendar[/caption]


James Collins, a local author, has written two books based on his experiences of living on Symi since 2002.
Symi 85600
Symi 85600
Symi 85600 A collection of writings that present an honest and often humorous account of two Ex-pat’s experiences of living on a small Greek island. (Symi, Greece)
Carry on up the Kali Strata

Carry On Up The Kali Strata Carry On  Up The Kali Strata is the follow up to Symi 85600, published in 2010.A collection of articles and stories, notes and rambles from James. Contains photographs of Symi Greece by Symi island photographer Neil Gosling and a cover by Symi artist Gill Bennett. As with all our books and calendars you can order them from Click Here

Symi’s charm is in its people and the minutiae of their lives; James’s great talent lies in his careful observation of the absurd and the amusing, the dramas and the difficulties (because nothing in Symi is ever simple), and in reporting what he sees with kind humour and a writer’s eye for the details essential to lively travel writing.” Anne Zouroudi, author of Bloomsbury’s Greek Detective mysteries, a regular visitor to Symi, Greece. "I have recently purchased 4 of James's books which I am very pleased with, and must say that Lulu was very good - they arrived just over a week of ordering them - so am impressed. The books; three of them are presents for one of my friends who loves Symi but is a relative youngster as have only been going for 14 years, we do like to remind her that we have been going for "oh my goodness" 26 years now with a few breaks (not always intentional). I am trying to read the books quickly before passing them onto my friend in June, but am keeping Up the Kali Strata for me to savour." C Rogowska. Jason and the Sargonauts Jason and the Sargonauts Jason And The Sargonauts is a play on the Greek myth, updated to modern times, and is something of a comedy adventure set on Symi. "Readers will find themselves incapable of putting this book down." - The Symi Visitor. A mysterious iron chest arrived on the island of Symi, Greece in 1882 and was immediately hidden for its own safety. 121 years later and Jason is working as a holiday rep for SARGO holidays. When his grandmother turns up as one of his guests she brings with her a locked cigarette case, left to Jason by his recently departed grandfather and given to him on Symi in 1944. The case is opened and reveals a piece of music, but the music is not what it seems and Jason and his small group of pensioners soon realise that they have stumbled on a secret that has been kept hidden on Symi all these years. A secret both dangerous and valuable. Jason and the Sargonauts is a contemporary comedy adventure full of fun and mystery, ‘A comic, camp and musical Da Vinci Code.’ We have some other titles from Symi authors, or about Symi, from timento time. Visit the shop when you are next on Symi and see what is available.


And finally music. James has won awards for his composition work and a CD of improvisations inspired by Symi is available exclusively from Symi Dream. Original music inspired by Symi Symi Dreams music CD Improvisations inspired by Symi island, Greece Contains 10 improvisations inspired by Symi. If you like the music that you hear under some of our Symi videos on YouTube (the quiet piano music ones), then you might be interested in the Symi Dreams Music CD that you can now order direct from Lulu: Click here. This isn’t me trying to play Greek music (I've seen the theory and the scales and it would be several years of study before I could do that!), it’s calming, quiet and atmospheric impros from the piano that, hopefully, you will like, and that you can play on your terrace while sipping an early evening ouzo, with something on the barbeque, while looking out across the view to the sparkling sea as the sun sets…

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