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Expat-Blog, the expatriate community website I was in touch with Julien from the website Expat-blog.com recently. This is a site I've used several times myself, and I wanted to promote it. Rather than have me tell you about it though, I asked for a quick write-up of what the site is about, and what is being developed on it at the moment. Quite simply, here is the reply I received, followed by some links which will be of use to all ex-pats all over the world. [caption id="attachment_7087" align="alignleft" width="286" caption="Expat-blog home page"]expat-blog home page[/caption] Julien writes: When I created expat-blog.com seven years ago, the idea was to gather all expat blogs on one unique platform. As the years went by, I have been added more participative features to the website such as a forum, participative guides, albums, a business directory. Now Expat blog has more than 420,000 members from all around the world (1,600 + in Greece). Last year I realized two essential features were missing on the website; it took me almost six months to design them, and I am now happy to announce our brand new jobs and housing sections. The idea is to get access to job offers everywhere in the world, wherever you are. For instance: you would like to live in Greece. In the jobs in Greece section, you can have access to job offers, per job category and job contract. You can also create your CV and contact potential employers. [caption id="attachment_7088" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Expat-blog baptisms on symi"]expat-blog baptisms on symi[/caption] The housing in Greece section enables you to look for or to offer an accommodation: rental, sale, flat share, flat, house…it’s up to you! You can see pictures of the apartment and get in touch with the person via Expat blog (you need to be a member of Expat blog to post an ad). Regarding the blog directory, I am no longer happy with the system I designed a few years ago. I now want to give more exposure to active bloggers / quality blogs such as yours, and I'd like to add more interactivity in the directory. I'll let you know when the new system is ready (I think in 2~3 months). Julien - from Mauritius Back to me. You can see our profile page here: Symi Dream at Expat-blog The forums are found here. You will see loads of people from countries all around the world taking part. There are photo albums here And there are even some articles, for example ‘Baptisms on Symi’ Look around for other interesting things too. I was just browsing the forum and I found a link to a website where the new rules for registering vehicles in Euro countries is explained. April 4th 2012: Commission slashes unnecessary burden for registering a car in another Member State. That should be of interest to all car owners on the island, past, present and future. (I've not read it all yet as I don’t have a car.) And if you head to the business directory you can already find a wide range of services from lawyers to psychologists. It costs nothing to join the Expat-blog site and you don’t even need to have a blog to do so. It’s a fascinating place to come and read the experiences of others around the globe, as well as a place to find new friends from the country you are living in. Use it, I think it’s a great resource.

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