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Thursday, June 10th, 2010 No Comments
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Another fairly quiet day around the house yesterday, followed by the shift at the bar and then the evening at the shop. Good to see old friends returning last night, sad to see others leave in the morning, but that’s how it goes now as we start ticking off the weeks: ‘Are you leaving already?’ ‘We’ve been here two weeks.’ ‘Where did that time go?’ And so on, as the season moves on. My regulars were back yesterday afternoon, for the peanut lunch:


We have a wedding on tomorrow, which means there are meetings today, batteries to charge, tapes to check… which just reminded me to do just that; yes, I have the right video tapes. We are all looking sky-wards, where there are some unwanted grey clouds hanging around. They’ve been doing this for a few days now, has no one told them it is almost mid-summer? We should be at the ‘hot isn’t it?’ ‘Very hot.’ Stage by now, though some days recently have been up to par. Mind you, better not to be wed in a sweat I always say. Neil just reminded me to look at the weather pages (there’s a link in our links list imaginatively put in the section called ‘Links’), which tells me that tomorrow afternoon should be clear, in the 20’s and hardly any wind, so that looks just fine for the ceremony, boat trip and reception. [Video clip of previous ‘after wedding dancing’ click here.] 


For those who asked: I’ll be spending the weekend editing the video and making up the film, so I probably won’t get around to adding more items to the Symi Dream online shop  until next week.

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