Yesterday I was walking through the village at around four and it struck me how quiet it was. It's often quiet at that time of day so I shouldn't be surprised but there was a different kind of quietness around. If that's possible. Lefteris' was closed but Rainbow was open with a football match being played inside and some of the regular guys intent on watching the match. The sun was thinking about going down and the square was empty apart from Michaelis sitting outside the kiosk. Peaceful is a good word to describe it.

Back at the sick house Neil was saving the world yet again (and he's done it again today) so everything was as usual there. No visitors today which means I've been in the front room writing and listening to the 'ughs' and 'I'm ready', 'let's finish this' and 'Reed, over here' as the Xbox games continue. I can't wait for some new ones to arrive so we can have different sound effects in the background.

It's a good drying day today and Jack has been keeping  watch for you (makes a change from sleeping) just to ensure that nothing untoward happens to the washing.

So, no news really but didn't want you to think I'd forgotten you.

It seems that the registering process is running smoothly again - remember that your user names and passwords are case sensitive. Oh, and we've had three days of uninterrupted internet access which is great but I don;t want to jinx anything by writing about it.

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Saturday 2

I had a request to put up some pics of the island today, to brighten up a cold winter's day in a certain part of the world so there are three below. The harbour was quiet when I was down there but I was still stopped several times and asked for Neil updates. He's getting hairier by the day (not shaved this year) and has managed to bang his leg twice today - silly boy.

A couple of folk have also said that they had had trouble registering to post comments - there are instructions on the About/Help page but if you still have problems send me an e-mail (stating what username and password you want) and I'll add you manually. 

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I've only been up a short while and already am snowed under with Saturday things; must go to town, must go shopping, must let our readers know that the washing line is back in use but as it's underwear I'm not taking a photo. Must thank everyone for their e-mails of support (and comments) must make the bed... Too late:

Someone got their first. Well that's a job for later then.

I was told yesterday that guys chatting down in the kafenion have decided that the weather is 'going to stay like it is until April' (meaning rain). So that's that then. How do they know these things? Actually today has started clear with a few clouds over Turkey and the week old washing that is still wet is out side again. It's colder too by the feel of it. And I'm not just rambling here, people are always asking about Symi in the winter so I'm keeping you up to date as regularly as possible about the mundane things. Of course, with Neil being housebound I don't have as much time to get out and about and catch up on local news and events as, although he is vaguely mobile, should anything else happen while I am out... well it doesn't bare thinking about. For those following Hopalong's progress, he had a sore night last night but then, with 14 knitting needles in your leg you have to expect that from time to time. Some folk have said they might visit him today, Noufris from the supermarket, George the younger and Michaelis... better get the house ready and add some beers to the shopping list.

So, back to my list of Saturday things to do.

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