Naked dummies, art and plate racks

Saturday, August 8th, 2009 1 Comment
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I have just added photos from last night's Symi Gallery opening at the bottom of this post.

You know how it is on Symi; unpredictable. I turned up to open the shop last night and found two naked mannequins standing on the balcony taking in the view. I nodded a brief hello before opening up the shop and felt very much like I was being watched as I went to check the gallery which, the day before, had consisted of four empty walls, a few nails and a fair amount of dust after a week of disuse. Lo and behold, aver 40 pieces of local artwork had appeared and been hung beautifully as if by magic.

Symi Greece

Fifteen minutes later I was carrying an old plate rack back to the shop (thanks for the help Paul), sweating and covered in dust. Ten minutes after that Irini and Valantis were up on the balcony dressing the shameless dummies in traditional island costume. And so it goes on. Another thing to add to our list of positive reasons to live and work on Symi; unpredictability. (Actually I started to make a list of Symi-positives last night and have loads to add to the new ‘Why Symi?’ page.)

Symi Greece

Meanwhile, while all this nudity, furniture moving and costuming were taking place up in the village, the new Symi Gallery was opening down in the harbour. There will be some images along soon; I’ll let you know when I get them. Meanwhile I found a folder of shots taken the other weekend when a trip to Yialos resulted in an accidental trip to the petrol station and Pedi by car, which is why some pics look like they were taken for the old Batman series, with the scenery on a slope; as I say, unpredictable. There are also some shots taken later, and a couple of the strange balcony activity of last night. 
The photo gallery is here.

And thank you too to all those people who have emailed about the recent thoughts on opening and running a business on Symi, it seems to have hit a nice nerve, or struck a harmonious chord or something. I didn’t know so many people were interested in this subject, so I will have to put my mind to more thoughts on it, from an insider’s point of view. Once I have cleared my mind of naked dummies, art and plate racks.

Symi Greece
Nothing to do with the exhibition, just liked the photo

Which won’t be for long as I am back at the shop later for the opening of the 4th Annual ODAS exhibition from local artists, which is starting at 19.00 with wine and ouzo, with the doors being opened soon afterwards. I expect I’ll get a few shots (though I will mostly be in the shop downstairs), and post them tomorrow if possible. This year there are artists from Symi, Athens, Great Britain, Russia, Poland and America exhibiting. And Denmark - sorry Tove  and anyone else I missed...

Symi Greece
Pretty impressive ship eh?

The launch of the new Symi Gallery
Many thanks to for the photos
Click them to see the larger image

"[The opening] was well attended and received, and certainly got the message out of an all year round gallery for the community. Lots of other local and foreign artist attended."

Symi Gallery Symi Gallery

Symi Symi Gallery

Symi gallery Symi Gallery

Symi Gallery

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  1. tove says:

    You forgot Denmark, I have a piece too!