Another great night on the steps

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 No Comments
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We had a goodly number of visitors to the gallery last night, for viewing and wine. Many people stayed around for a while afterwards, sat on the steps and chatted and passed a pleasant evening together watching the sea change colour as the sun went down. It was particularly pleasant to sit on the steps last night as Eleftheria and Manolis had swept them during the day.


These two work tirelessly around the village, not only sweeping the streets and square, but also painting the steps. Eleftheria is the one who turns the Kali Strata white, around Easter time, and who also recently painted up Syllogos Square, adding in the bright blue features. She is always cheerful, always has a wave and a smile ready for you, and the steps outside the shop yesterday were the cleanest I've seen them in a long while.


I thought the Alarm Cat Fan Club might like this photo of the boy. He is posing I’m afraid, and probably holding his tummy and his cheeks in. He was very active yesterday morning, starting his Revalee outside at around five with the usual loud, but polite ‘raaa’ (pause) ‘raaa.’ A period of silence followed where you start to doze off again. Until: ‘Rraaa’ (pause) ‘Rraaa!’ with an exclamation mark and a little more force. There then followed another dozing moment… but the next ‘RRRAAA!’ was followed by the sound of two ashtrays smashing on the tiles outside. But I ignored that little tantrum and managed another few minutes dozing. There was a kind of resigned ‘oh’ from outside as AC realised I wasn’t getting up no matter how many ashtrays he broke, and I was able to get back to sleep for an hour or so.  He was at it again this morning, but without throwing anything around. Well, there is very little crockery left available to him.

Oh – there were lights on outside the soon-to-be-a-café-we-think opposite Filos as was, so things are moving closer to… something.

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