An early morning ramble with some interesting ships in mind

Friday, December 3rd, 2010 No Comments
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I took a slow walk to Yialos yesterday to check the post office and see to a couple of other necessary things – a final trip to the dentist to finish off some work included. [caption id="attachment_3153" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="From the Kali Strata"]symi-greece-Yialos-november[/caption] I was going to do the shopping while I was down there but decided to leave that until I got back to the village. I wanted to walk up, for the exercise, but didn’t want to over do it by adding the weight of shopping to my burden; no point in taking risks. I took these photos while on my travels, to give you an idea of the weather over here at the moment, and so you can see how peaceful things are. The kafeneion were bus, in town, yesterday. When I was there the other morning early I assumed the guys were waiting to go to work, but I noticed a lot of them were still in the same seats yesterday, and it was after ten in the morning. Either retired or there is no work. The building work on that large Kali Strata house is still going on – Adrianna mentioned it on her blog the other day I think. She’s away at the moment but there is a guest writer posting the blogs. I joined Wendy and some of her friends for a drink in the village square yesterday evening, as it was her birthday, then spent a quiet night in with a film or two, had a nice early night and a good sleep – which may be why I feel so sleepy this morning. I really don’t feel like doing anything, but there are tasks to be getting on with, I must nip over the garden wall and feed the neighbours’ cats, there’s washing to do and all that jazz. It’s one of those days where I just want to sit around and do very little, I shall have to force myself into action… in a moment, sigar, sigar as they say. [caption id="attachment_3154" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Proteus in the harbour"]symi-greece-Yialos-november[/caption] While we were chatting last night, there was talk about the boats and whether the Proteus was doing a run this morning. I’ve just been to the ANES website and see that it is on the schedule now, eight o’clock this morning, back at four, which is a sensible run; at least you can have a day in Rhodes and take a vehicle if you need to. I also checked out the Marine Traffic web site, which does get a bit addictive. You can see what ships are passing Symi at any time. Currently we’ve got the Und Atilim, a Turkish cargo ship, passing Sesklia, a Blue Star ferry approaching from the west, closely followed by the Russian cargo vessel the Aleksey Afanasyev. It’s great, you can even see photos of these ships and send in a any of your own that you might have. So if you have a rare snap of the Boris Gudenough out of Port Njkastkitsvik you can look it up in the search box, then add your pics so that nerds like me can get a better view. But don’t waste your time doing that, spend it in scanning your old photos of Symi and sending them in to Symi Dream instead. Right enough early morning ramble, I'm off to do my chores.

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