ABTT, nearly got the XE, or the AE, just need the right PO

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[caption id="attachment_12497" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Tuesday morning at sunrise[/caption] The hunt for the stamp continues. This is an annual process (for some workers) and it’s basically a work permit, a ‘Xarti Ergias’ as Yiannis called it, which makes it sound very jolly. I've also seen it written as άδεια εργασίας, which is a work license I guess. Either way, or whatever is it actually called, you should have one if you are working legally in Greece. At least I should. If you’re not sure what I am going on about and think I am going a bit over the top and you are working in Greece and haven’t got one then maybe you don’t need one but I have been told I must get mine for this year and my (new) accountant is very firm on this matter as is the boss and the lady at the bank and the doctor all of whom I have so far met up with in order to get my permit/license. Pause for breath. [caption id="attachment_12498" align="alignright" width="300"]Tuesday morning at sunrise Pereotisa Tuesday morning at sunrise[/caption] I found a very helpful site on this matter actually, Living In Greece, click here for Living In Greece,  and this has some questions and answers on it which are great. Example: “Will I get a notification to renew my work and/or residence permit? No. This is Greece; it’s your responsibility to keep track of your own affairs.” Quite right. It’s a pretty long page and a bit daunting to think people actually have to go through this procedure every year. I mean, I don’t know anyone else (from the EU) who has been asked to sort out a work permit like this but maybe the law has just changed or something? I expect there are loads of folk going back and forth to the police station, bank, accountants, Town Hall, Doctors, and probably the pharmacy for headache tablets, as I write. [caption id="attachment_12499" align="alignleft" width="200"]Symi Greece photos On a Neil photo walk[/caption] Anyway; Monday night I collected my health book from my doctor, he’d stamped it to say I was fine for work and IKA-covered, so I helped him fix his printer; well, I stood and watched and pulled out a piece of trapped pager. Then on Tuesday I headed to the National Bank for a piece of €3.00 paper from the bank which presumably says I have a valid bank account there. Then I headed to the αστυνομικό τμήμα, the police station for the, hopefully, final piece of the puzzle. The very helpful man who was dealing with visas and passport control told me that the only policeman who can deal with the work permits is working in Rhodes for a few days and I should come back later in the week to see him, but phone first to save unnecessary exercise. Back in the village, I reported all this police station activity to the boss who said ‘I know’, to which I thought (you could have told me that before I went down, you did, after all, see me heading that way and knew where I was going). He's going to get his wife to call on Friday and let me know when to go. So, for the moment, as Will Parker would say, ‘I've gone about as fer as I can go.’ [caption id="attachment_12500" align="alignright" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Also taken on a Neil photo walk[/caption] And ditto the new internet connection at home. Panormitis very kindly came to set us up yesterday only to find out we have a very old ISDN line and need a new PSDN line, whatever the is, in order to take wireless so Neil rang OTE. (13888, press here for English and get an operator talking in Greek, so ask to speak in English ‘Milate Anglika?’ and you’ll be swell, you’ll be great, gunna have the whole world on a plate.) OTE have arranged for an engineer to call, change the thing, probably known as a CTTO (change this thing order) and install a wireless box (AWB) so that we can then catch up with the rest of the island and have a wireless connection at home. (ABTT) (About….. Time Too.)

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