Update from Symi Animal Welfare

Here’s a message from SAW for everyone that I have been asked to blog. Remember, if you want to donate to the island’s animal welfare organisation, you can click over to their website and use the PayPal button. www.symianimalwelfare.org There is also news there, and a lot more detail about what the volunteers do. This message comes straight from them to you, via me: [caption id="attachment_13211" align="alignleft" width="200"]Symi Greece photos Symi Animal Welfare[/caption] “We are delighted to inform you that an Australian vet has agreed to come over to Symi at the end of her out-reach programme; the trip has been sponsored by one of the charities on Rhodes, and Symi Animal Welfare is sponsoring ‘our bit’ of her travels.  The duration of her stay on the island will obviously depend upon the weather, but we hope that she can hold a four day surgery from Monday 24th to Thursday 28th November, specifically for neutering cats (a regulation of out-reach projects such as this one). Unless you are definitely bringing cats along for neutering, may we ask that you return any cat-boxes to either our or Tove’s house, well before the above dates. Tove will be in touch with previous vet-week volunteers sometime soon, however, if you haven’t been available in the past but would like to help in some way this time, please contact her directly 6979457046. [caption id="attachment_13212" align="alignright" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Symi Animal Welfare[/caption] Can we also take this opportunity to thank everyone who has donated during the year, your kindness has allowed us to make this happen, Melanie” Etsi bravo, as you might say around here. [caption id="attachment_13213" align="alignleft" width="202"]new symi dream Sneak peek at new blog[/caption] And now for my little piece of news: tomorrow, Saturday, could go one way or the other. I am hoping to switch over to my new look blog on Saturday, but I am not sure when (or how, at the moment!). The best thing to do is to make sure you bookmark, or head to: www.symidream.com – you will either be redirected to here (/wp) if we’ve not moved, or to the new blog if we have. You can still access this set of pages (at www.symidream.com/wp) for the archives of posts, the Symi history, holiday ideas, galleries and everything else that's in the menu, but for the day to day banter and stuff, leave off the /wp and all should be well. See you, somewhere, tomorrow.
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The Symi Dream sign is down, but the cinema continues

So, I am sitting here slowly drowning in framed prints, boxes of books, and cards and also the washing as I brought it in out of any potential rain last night and have not put it out again. The cat is asleep on his current favourite chair in the corner and there’s a man upstairs making loud noises. [caption id="attachment_13206" align="alignleft" width="198"]Symi Greece photos Just liked the photo[/caption] Neil is emptying his shop today (Wednesday), leaving only a few things in there for now like his desk that we will need to carry home together. He’s made several journeys today already, raising eyebrows and questions from the fishermen having their after work drinks in the square. Word is starting to filter around that the photographer has closed, though he should be working freelance when things get sorted out. What this means at home is that the upstairs moussandra-come-store area is going to be turned over to Neil for his office. I have mine down here with the piano and dining table, books and desk, and he will be up in the royal box which, in our house, is like a second bedroom. We can talk to each other quite easily while working as there’s a sliding glass partition, and we are going to try and avoid emailing each other notes, or using Skype for things like ‘your turn to make the coffee’ and also hoping to avoid that thing people do when they send each other comments on Facebook like, ‘good morning’ when they are in the same house. [caption id="attachment_13207" align="alignright" width="300"]Symi Greece photos View from the terracing[/caption] Meanwhile, the front room, my office, is filling up with the things from the shop and Ian is upstairs putting up shelves and doing useful things. We’ve also identified a faulty water pump today so he's going to have to change that soon too, and the Symi Dream sign has been taken down and is now over there against the wall. (All serious offers for it are welcome, but remember it’s Christmas soon and we need lots of money, so only very serious offers please.) And on a slightly less personal and far more interesting note: I am informed by the Freedom In Art, Symi Cinema Organisation… No, making that up, I am informed by Symi Cinema and Arts (SCA)… made that up as well, I am informed by Peter who’s organising the free cinema showings at Mandeo Brasserie on Sunday evenings through the year, that there’s a schedule for the next few weeks and a new time for curtain up. The films will now be shown at 7.30 pm, and the next four films are to be: [caption id="attachment_13208" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece photos A picture of topless men on holiday for no reason[/caption] November 2nd – The Shipping News (that’ll be useful for anyone planning a trip to Rhodes) November 9th – Big Trouble In Little China (those of us who shop at the Chinese clothes shop in Rhodes will know about this) November 16th – A Beautiful Mind (clearly not about me) – November 23rd – American Hustle (can't think of a suitable quip). All great films (not ‘movies’), all worth watching if you’re free and on Symi on a Sunday, usually with Greek or other subtitles, and there should be a poster around sometime to help remind you. Right then, things have started to get noisier around here (and the air a little blue) so I am off to the other end of the house to create something spectacularly uninteresting for lunch before dozing off in front of an episode of ‘A touch of frost’ (I am usually awake for act one and the denouement but I have no idea what goes on in the middle of these things) and then we’re heading out to meet Miss DJ later this afternoon. We shall probably return home with more clutter from the shop.
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Symi’s official town hall news

Did you know that Symi Town Hall has a blog style site where the put up the latest, official, Symi news? Here’s the link to the desktop version: http://www.dimos-symis.com/en/ There is also a mobile friendly version which seems to have more on it (http://m.dimos-symis.com/?m=e) should you prefer that. Looking at the desktop one: [caption id="attachment_13202" align="alignleft" width="201"]Δήμος Σύμης http://www.dimos-symis.com[/caption] You will see that there is a language option at the top of the page and, in theory, you can change the language to English. If you do this though you lose the other menu items but you keep the announcements page/link. I have to say I had trouble with this, the page stayed in Greek. These things (plug-ins) are sometimes a problem to get working, and hopefully it will get sorted out one day. Meanwhile, you can copy and paste the text into an online translator. They don’t always give the best results of course, but you can usually work out what’s going on, and they are getting better slowly. So, on the home page, you will see a menu that reads: ΑΝΑΚΟΙΝΩΣΕΙΣ (with EN in front of it if you've got to the English version). Click that and you find the blog posts, the announcements. At the moment these are shown as title that you click; some lead to links to Word documents, which you an open and then translate, others lead to pages of news that you can also copy and paste. There are also links in the main menu (Greek) to photos and pages about the island. Apart from the translator button not working, I also found that once I’d opened the mobile version on my desktop, the desktop version kept reverting to mobile, like some cookie had been placed that then assumed I always wanted mobile – the design works on phones, but doesn't look so good on the desktop. I could go and clear by cache to put that right I guess. (Actually, the next day I was able to view the desktop version (pictured here) with no hassles, as long as I stayed with it.) [caption id="attachment_13203" align="alignright" width="300"]Symi Greece photos And a photo of the Castro[/caption] But still, I thought I’d bring this to your attention as I noticed that very few people had voted yes or no on the home page ‘do you like our site’, and I thought it would be encouraging for the site if it had some more views. Also, it would be good for more people to know about the island news direct from the Town Hall (the Dimos). The site also links to Sarandis’ newspaper, the Voice of Symi, and to a Symi photo site, you will find the Town Hall email there at the bottom, and you can email in English if you need to. So, although you do have to translate things ‘manually’ unless you read Greek, and although it’s been around a while (since February), I reckon this is worth sharing with all Symi fans and visitors. So spread the word: Real Symi news direct from the Town Hall.
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