A quick guide to not overheating

First: Here’s one of Neil’s photos that shows the kind of thing you can do when you ‘see Symi from a different angle’ as you do when you go on one of his photo walks. [caption id="attachment_12638" align="alignleft" width="235"]Neil gosling photography See things from a different angle[/caption] Photo walks are Wednesday morning, 09.15 from the shop and around the upper village, and also on Sunday (though check because sometimes they are Saturday at the moment because of other work) and also 09.15 from the shop, though on Sunday it’s down through the Pedi valley and to the sea. Both: bring water, a hat and sensible shoes for walking. It’s not arduous but some of the terrain is not 100% flat. You can book in advance by emailing Neil – the address and phone number are over there on the right >> [caption id="attachment_12639" align="alignright" width="198"]Symi Greece photos Inside a ruin[/caption] Someone was asking me yesterday how hot it was as they’d seen a weather report showing the temperature in the high 20s. I reckoned it was warmer than that. Often we get weather reports and forecasts based on Rhodes and the nearest weather station there, which I was told was at the airport, by the sea, but I am not sure about that. So, the only way to know is to put the alarm clock outside (next to where the Alarm Cat is sleeping in the shade) and leave it for a few minutes. It has a thermometer on it. It was showing 30 degrees inside the house and 35 outside in the shade at 12.15 yesterday, and that’s in a slight breeze. [caption id="attachment_12640" align="alignleft" width="198"]Symi Greece photos Night on a boat[/caption] So, not unbearably hot, not yet, not like that first summer we were working here and on the north side of the harbour the shell shop registered a temperature of 50 degrees, in the shade; that was a hot summer for sure. But it’s warm enough for boating and swimming and walking in the early morning and evening, though clambering up the Kali Strata at midday, as I did the other day, leaves one dripping somewhat. Remember: lots of water, and not very cold water either as that doesn’t help rehydrate, juice and soft drinks are ok (but can be sugary) but water is best, beer doesn’t count nor do coffee and tea, take ‘Almora’ or similar rehydration sachets (you can get them from the pharmacies here) if you start to feel dehydrated, stay in the shade, don’t get sunburned and remember your sun block. That's’ my quick guide to not overheating, for what it is worth.
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“Just finished chapter 17 & loving this book” – Amazon review, The Judas Inheritance

I didn't hear the Symi bells this Sunday morning, maybe I slept through them, with the fan going and everything, but I heard the unusual sound of the vacuum cleaner being used, by Neil. I think that’s the first time he’s actually met James. He didn’t have a photo walk (Neil, not the hoover) and there was too much wind for the speed boat to film the Poseidon so he stayed home and did the housework, which was something of a boon for me. [caption id="attachment_12632" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Yiannis Poseidon and family[/caption] It gave me time to potter around online and get some work done. I have read through the first draft of Lonely House and identified some parts that need rewriting, clarifying, cutting and explaining better (great use of the language there), so that’s the next task for that story. Meanwhile the next one is taking shape in notes and in my head when I have the space for it. I have been receiving good feedback for The Judas Inheritance, so far. If you have read it, and like it, perhaps you could do me a favour? [caption id="attachment_12633" align="alignright" width="198"]Symi Greece photos Birthday girls[/caption] I want to play that old game called ‘get an agent-get rejected’ and I’m planning to make approaches on the back of “The Judas Inheritance was made into a film and there has been interest in the film rights for Lonely House, but I need professional representation. You can read reviews of Judas at Amazon…” etc. So, if you could spare five minutes to write and post a quick review at Amazon, that would be wonderful as I would then have more ammunition, testimonials if you like, that would help raise interest from agents/publishers. Perhaps. Who knows? Perhaps you are an agent, perhaps you know one who might be interested in hearing from me? The ‘Judas deal’ (which sounds like another film title) has already been taken care of, but there’s potential in the Lonely House, if you see what I mean. Anyway, I didn’t actually set about this post intending to tell and ask all that, but I have now. Better switch to more relevant, Symi info: [caption id="attachment_12634" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece photos At Agia Marina[/caption] August 2nd will see the Symi Shrimp Festival in the village square: free Symi shrimps, traditional music and dancing for all. I’ll put the poster up nearer the time, and if you want your Symi event put on our blog then just send the poster or info. But more immediately there is the wine night at Symi Dream tonight and you can follow that by live music at the Hidden Courtyard (Secret Garden), just off the Pedi road, at the end of the village beneath Anastasia’s apartments, not far to get to or from. [caption id="attachment_12635" align="alignright" width="198"]Symi Greece photos Sailing into Symi[/caption] And the photos today were taken on Friday night on the boat trip, at the birthday party for Pat and Hazel. Huge thank you (again) for the generosity and the great time, and to Yiannis and family for looking after us all, the dancing and the food. I must get more acquainted with the stars though, each time I find myself on a boat at night I look up and wish I had a clue what was what. Apparently I need an App for my phone, but my smart phone is not smart enough to connect to the internet half the time so that wouldn't be much good. Anyhow; welcome to Monday, and remember, if you’re read the book please do jot down a quick review and post it, and if you’ve not read it, here’s your chance to pick up a copy. Both things can be done here: The Judas Inheritance at Amazon.co.uk (there is a link to the Kindle version there if you prefer that.) Thank you.
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Sunrise, Sunset and Smalls (welcome to a rambling Symi Saturday)

Sunrise, sunset, both in one day, not bad for a Thursday. We had a very pleasant evening on a terrace watching the evening harbour and being treated to supper; thank you for that – and you know who you are! [caption id="attachment_12625" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Symi Greece sunrise[/caption] I am jotting this down on Friday as we are going out on the boat this evening and I know that it will be a late night. All early mornings are off tomorrow, and I am planning a Saturday of doing little apart from reading through my draft one and making notes, making lunch and them covering the bar in the afternoon. [caption id="attachment_12626" align="alignright" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Morning light[/caption] But back to sunrise and sunset. I just had a glance into Brewers to see what came up under these two words and found Sunset Boulevard, ‘a broad and handsome street in downtown Los Angeles. A successful Billy Wilder film of the 1950s, and the Lloyd Webber musical of 1993 based upon it.’ I saw that show with Betty Buckley. I mean, she was playing Norma Desmond when I saw it and very fine she was too. I came away whistling the scenery and a couple of costumes, but had a great time. [caption id="attachment_12627" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Symi sunset[/caption] Not so great the next time I saw it though, when I was with Petula Clark, as it were. Half way through the first number the sound system went bang and you suddenly realised how small and insignificant the actors’ voices are without amplification. The show could not continue and I never did get to see Pet. But, as we were waiting for an announcing to be made, my mate and I did go and have our interval drinks, which were already set out only ten minutes into the show. We probably helped some others finish theirs too before scarpering for dinner. [caption id="attachment_12628" align="alignright" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Neil at sunset[/caption] I guess you could say the Sunset Boulevard is a bit of a drama (apparently Sondheim refused to consider it for a musical, saying it was opera material), but it is not to be confused with Sunrise Street, where other kind of dramas play out. But that’s another story and I am now rambling on and being inconsequential, which is fine because as I opened my copy of Brewers to have a search through, the pages fell open at ‘Curiosities and Inconsequences, and the first thing I noticed there was ‘BVDs.’ ‘A type of lightweight long underwear for men, popular in the first half of the 20th century…’ Well, Mr Brewer, if you think long johns are inconsequential you should try working in the Symi Dream shop in February when it’s five degrees outside and you've only got a halogen heater for company. I was interested to see though that BVDs stands for Bradley, Vorhees and Day. It’s only a shame the Vorhees doesn’t have two Os, as in Voorhees, then I could have linked it in to Friday 13th, the film, and the name of the protagonist. But I can't, so I will stop trying and let you get on with your weekend. I shall no doubt be returning on Monday with more nonsense when I may have some photos to share, taken on the Poseidon on Friday night.
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