A mad moment of Disney on Symi

Note: Apparently there’s a programme on ITV (UK TV) tonight at 9.00 pm, called ‘I married the waiter’ which features Symi, Anne Zouroudi and some other ladies who married local men. I’ve not got a schedule handy to confirm, but you might like to check it out. I think I am playing the part of ‘man in background with book.’ So, it is Saturday morning and I have just finished in the dentist’s chair, the mouth is only slightly numb on one side so a celebratory lunch is called for. Off we head to To Spitiko. [caption id="attachment_13007" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece photos A wedding passes by[/caption] I meet up with Neil and discover that he is kissing young ladies outside ‘comfy chairs’, or rather they are greeting him effusively. It’s Delilah and her friend we’ve not seen for a while. We all meet and greet with unseemly lavishness and then stop, stand and look respectful as a funeral passes along the front of the harbour. The closed coffin in the back of a flatbed truck on its way to St John’s church. It passes, we say our goodbye’s (to the ladies) and head to To Spitiko. [caption id="attachment_13008" align="alignright" width="300"]Symi Greece photos A butterfly stops to chat (phone camera, not great quality)[/caption] We’re sitting there, chatting away to Jordana and Pantelis and ordering something suitable for a Saturday when a wedding passes by. Well, you know how it is around here, there’s always something going on. Neil seems to know the bride so there’s waving involved as Michaelis and Petros, on accordion and sax, lead the procession with the traditional Symi wedding march. They are all heading off to catch the mini bus to Panormitis. [caption id="attachment_13009" align="alignleft" width="225"]Symi Greece photos Tony and Fiona's celebration[/caption] We settle back down at the table and pour a glass of water. And this attracts the attention of a butterfly which then comes and visits us at our table. It’s after moisture I guess, but it seems happy enough to flutter around our heads, land on Neil’s hand, check out his wine, and then dance about my shoulders making me feel like something of a Disney film. I expect blue birds to descend and a tall woman in a black dress to scowl at me before getting her comeuppance. But no, the Disney effect lasts only a few minutes and the butterfly is off to grace some other table. I just thought I’d share that with you. Monday morning was equally as varied and fast flowing. I was up early and went up to To Vrisi and back, then showered and changed and headed down to Yialos to help out at a wedding ceremony on the Nireus pier at 8.15; that was short and sweet, and so then it was back up the hill to home and my writing duties, and I was there at the desk by 09.00. And I am still here at 12.00 and just about to post this for tomorrow (today) and then go and make lunch. It’s all rather fast and furious this week, what with wine nights and dinners and boats and singing lessons planned, but hopefully, in between all the butterflies and weddings, and small people singing on their way to work, and handsome princes who wouldn’t look out of place in ‘G.A.Y.’ and all that jazz going on, there will be some quiet moments too. Ah, here comes another butterfly to talk to.
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Greek films, Symi maps, books and Grease

It’s Sunday morning – I am preparing this blog post early as I am up and out early tomorrow, Monday, so won't have time. Not that I tend to write these things first thing in the morning anymore, I prefer to do them later in the morning of the day before they appear. It's a new routine. [caption id="attachment_13000" align="alignleft" width="200"]Symi Greece photos Portrait by Neil[/caption] Anyway, yes, up early Monday morning to head to Yialos, then back to the desk, then to work at the bar, then the Symi Dream wine night and we’ve also been invited to dinner afterwards, but may not be able to make that, it depends on how the wine night goes and when it finishes. Tuesday looks to be a clear day apart from a final dentist visit (for now) at midday, and work in the afternoon. Wednesday brings another dinner invitation, to Mythos in the evening, looking forward to that. Thursday is so far a clear day, apart from daily work of course, ditto Friday and Saturday, but Sunday brings an invitation to a birthday party on a boat in the evening. So, plenty to look forward to in the week ahead. [caption id="attachment_13001" align="alignright" width="146"]Symi Greece photos Planning for some winter walking[/caption] I am also considering buying a map, because I would like one. And the one I am thinking of getting is this one, the Terrain Edition, Symi terrain map, for £8.99 from Amazon.  If I remember correctly, which I only occasionally do, this one is pretty detailed, with contour lines and paths marked on it. It’s a bit more ‘hiker’ than the tourist maps. At least I think this is the right one to go for. I’ll maybe double check.   [caption id="attachment_13002" align="alignleft" width="198"]Symi Greece photos Agapitos, new owner of the Jean & Tonic bar, Horio[/caption] I’m also highlighting this because of our new Amazon store. If you want to find any books about Symi, or inspired by Symi, guides and maps etc. then you should be able to find them all in one place at the Symi Dream Amazon store which you can find by clicking here  or by using the link over there in the right hand column. I've set it up so there’s a Symi section, one for my books, one for Anne Zouroudi’s novels, there’s a section for Greek films and films shot in Greece, and then some general holiday things and photography. I’m adding new ideas to the section as they occur to me and I am also wondering how come Grease got into my ‘Greek films’ category.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t put it there. I think I might start a new section for my favourite films though, one day. If anyone has any ideas for books or films to go into the Symi or Greece categories, just let me know. [caption id="attachment_13003" align="alignright" width="198"]Symi Greece photos Black and white Horio lane[/caption] Enough of that, it’s Sunday morning and there is housework to consider. Done that, thought about it, decided to leave it alone for now. Neil’s out on a photo walk to Pedi, assuming he can get through the valley. Part of it has now been fenced off, cutting across the path that everyone takes. Not sure why, probably someone wanted to change the use of their land, or got fed up with people walking across it, anyway, there is a way around it and if all else fails you can head back out onto the road for the last part of the walk; not as interesting but there you go. He’s also got a walk on Wednesday, which brings me back to the schedule for the week which is where we came in and where I now exit. Have a good Monday.
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Dogs, Dentists, Blogs and Symi film news

‘Twas a little blustery overnight Thursday to Friday and a disturbed sleep was had. The late night dispute over next door’s dog didn’t help, though I have no idea what time that was. Might not have been too late but there was a lot of barking outside, from both humans and dogs. I wouldn't have noticed by it was the first night without the fan on, that’s how much cooler it felt. [caption id="attachment_12993" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Boat in the harbour[/caption] The early morning rise came without a shine as the sun is not even thinking of getting up at 5.45 when we do. It was doing its pre-rosy-fingered-dawn thing as we reached the top of the village at six, and by the time we were coming back down from ‘To Vrisi’ it was just about light enough to see the goat and sheep poo we’d been trying to avoid on the way up. The yappy dog-monster was a bit over excited as we passed him, just past the cemetery. He was out of his enclosure but still on his chain (doxa to Theo), though still came at me with the jaws of Cerberus wide and ready. I did the same back to him and he ran back into his enclosure in shock. On the way back I held aloft (but did not use) a piece of wood I’d found and he was quiet until we passed. Only then, when my back was to him, did he come lurching out at me snarling, as if to say ‘put ‘em up, put ‘em up’ in the manner of the Cowardly Lion. He got as far as the first ‘puy ‘em up’ when he ran out of chain and kind of went ‘Grafhg-ug’ and that was the last I heard from him. No doubt he will be there the next time we pass. [caption id="attachment_12994" align="alignright" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Ready for a party on Nimos[/caption] I am off to the dentist again today, well there’s a surprise. This time a little earlier and for the fitting of my new crowns. I want to say teeth but that makes me sound far too ancient. It was fun watching the boat coming in the other day and saying, ‘I wonder if my teeth are on that boat.’ They weren’t, they only arrived on Friday morning, so the dentist informed me. So, I am looking forward to an hour in the chair and hopefully no more pain when I eat. One of the teeth doesn’t have anything on it so it’s been a bit exposed. Thankfully we have Depon Max in the house. (That’s a pain killer by the way, not the name of an adult film star.) [caption id="attachment_12995" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece photos An example of one of the random headers for the new blog[/caption] The photos today again are from Neil and his recent works and walks. I have been working on some of his images to use on the new look blog, which will be along at the end of October or the start of November. Here’s a sample of one of the headers. They are going to change as they go, at random, some will have quotes and things on, some will not. The new look blog is going to be, simply, at www.symidream.com but no point going there now as you will only end up back here. When the new one takes over, this one will stay at symidream.com/wp as it is now, so you will still be able to access the pages and old posts that are here. The new one will still be about living on Symi and will carry on in the same vain vein as this one; all about me and what I get up to, my writing, my observations and our photos etc. [caption id="attachment_12996" align="alignright" width="198"]Symi Greece photos Photo walk photos[/caption] Oh, but changing the subject, and before I forget. I saw the first rough cut of ‘The Judas Curse’ yesterday, only the first 40 minutes, edited (roughly) and put together. The sound has yet to be done and the music yet to be written, ditto the titles and there are some parts to insert and some discussions to be had, but I can tell you that it looks wonderful, so far. Very different from the book of course, but the characters and locations are the same, with some slight changes, and the whole thing is going to look stunning when done. Just wanted to share that with you, and particularly with all the backers.
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