My morning routine (very much cat based), and a Homer reference

(I’m writing this on Wednesday morning as I have a busy night tonight and I may not be able to get to a post first thing tomorrow. A Blog post that is, not a gate post, a postal post or… well never mind.) [caption id="attachment_12810" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece photos The mainly sleeping village[/caption] Actually I am still in the habit of writing your today’s post yesterday, as it fits better with my summer schedule. Take today (Tuesday) for example. The phone alarm went off at 5.30, some kind of alternative disco-jazz-funk sounds complete with vibration. This was in the bedroom, meanwhile the other phone was doing something slightly more tuneful in the sitting room. It was pitch black and I was right in the middle of a dream about a dinner I once had with Kinny Gardner and how it was not tax deductible, and how I’d missed my connecting flight at Guernsey on my way from Kalymnos to home on Symi and so would have to stay overnight. I woke up thinking, ‘Why didn’t I get the boat?’ [caption id="attachment_12811" align="alignright" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Cloud over Turkey[/caption] Anyway, after a quick scramble around for squeaky trainers, half socks, a t-shirt that didn’t smell of yesterday’s sweat, some water and, of course, after feeding the cat his first breakfast, we were out on the road and up even before the ‘rosy-fingered dawn’, as Homer so suggestively put it in The Odyssey. Up onto the road via the museum and upper Horio route, and out to the Kantina, and beyond. ‘To infinity and beyond…’ Past the bridge, past ‘picture corner’, along to the fork in the road and up to where the old Red Stripe van used to be, and then up another level half way towards the blue house which may or may not have something to do with telecommunications, radios, or spying where we stopped just as Sotiris and Mohamed drove past practically applauding. [caption id="attachment_12812" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Goat on a slippery slope[/caption] That's far enough before the sun comes up, and of course you have to come back down again. The sun finally came up as we hit the top, flat road again, towards Periotisa and the upper village. (I didn’t take the camera today, so these pics are from previous days. I know you've been missing the early morning shots.) Back home the schedule is then: making the lemon in hot water drink while giving the cat his second breakfast (really just showing him his leftovers), and then sparking up the computer for the day’s messages, admin and typing. Meanwhile Neil is in the other room making all kinds of strange noises and doing things that are apparently good for you. And then, after Jack has had his third accompanied visit to the kitchen, it’s time to get some writing done. That’s then followed by these blog posts, followed by preparing something for lunch, any housework that needs ignoring, and a midday doze/siesta (cat willing) before ironing a short, having lunch, a shower, and heading off to work at three. [caption id="attachment_12813" align="alignright" width="300"]Symi Greece photos And Happy Birthday Harry[/caption] And today, Wednesday remember, that is all then followed by a singing ‘lesson’ (accompanying a signer who wishes to practice), and a walk down to Pedi for Harry’s birthday party. Yes it’s time for a seven year old party and the theme today is Pirates and Princesses. I've already explained how all my princess outfits are at the dry cleaner, but how I might be able to wangle a pirate hash-up out of things found in the wardrobe. Thoroughly looking forward to that but also hoping I can get home at a sensible hour so as to rinse and repeat all of the above tomorrow, starting at 5.30. I don’t suppose seven year olds party late into the night do they? Oh, they do? Maybe I’ll just sleep on the beach and go for a swim before Rosy starts doing whatever she does with Dawn tomorrow morning…
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The flora and fauna of Symi (including unwanted house guests)

It’s about people out on photo walks today, in the photos, and a link to Lyndon’s site about the flora and fauna of Symi. [caption id="attachment_12805" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Symi photo walks with Neil[/caption] You know when you see something and think, ‘Now what was I going to do with that?’ Well, I'm having one of those moments. Lyndon sent me an email, ‘Here is the link to the sea squill.’ I looked at it and thought, ‘Now what was I going to do with that?’ It’s one of those getting older things I guess. I vaguely remember a conversation about plants from a while back and so assume I’d asked for the link. Well, whether I did or not (and I probably did and don’t remember) here is the said link and it leads to a page all about the sea squill of Symi. Click here >> Flora and Fauna Of Symi (sea squill) Not yet! Come back to it in a moment. Before you head there and discover for yourself what the thing is, you might also like to know that you can find a link to the same page in the blog part of that site, which you can find here. [caption id="attachment_12806" align="alignright" width="300"]Symi Greece photos Symi photo walks; meet new friends.[/caption] Not yet! Calm down, I've not finished blethering yet. While you are there you can also discover what Mountain Tea is all about, catch up on your scarce swallowtail news and have a vada at a moray eel (and proud capturer) which was caught at Pedi a couple of weeks ago. There, that’s that link dealt with. In other news… Er… Well… Oh yes. We had a good opening of Ged’s new exhibition at the Symi Dream Gallery, combined with wine night on Monday. The gallery will be open during usual shop business hours and the exhibition will be there until October. The wind finally died down on Monday night and Tuesday started warm and got hotter. [caption id="attachment_12807" align="alignleft" width="198"]Symi Greece photos Get some tips and learn new tricks[/caption] We were out at six for a walk in the darkness, and headed up to the Kantina on the main road. I spent the morning pottering around at home, we had the kitchen taps replaced, I heard the mice doing their jig in the ceiling space and wondered when the poison was going to kick in. I know, not nice, but we have to as the cat is absolutely useless when it comes to unwanted pests. He runs away when he sees a Symi spider, he crouches down and examines the cockroaches close up and then just walks off, he dances around the occasional snake and has no interest in mice whatsoever. And yet he will happily chase and attack the beams of light that reflect off the glitter ball in the vine. You must be wondering what kind of house we keep, what with mice, roaches, snakes and spiders. The same as everyone else’s around here I guess; unavoidable house guests. But not everyone has a glitter ball in the vine, so that might make us slightly unique. Right. Now you can go and take a look at the Flora and Fauna of Symi.
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Yialos, Symi, on Trip Advisor; who’s on page one?

The wind got up yesterday and the day was very blowy. Actually the wind got up during the night, I was woken by what I thought was someone knocking on the door, which  was a bit creepy. Turned out to be the door rattling on its own. Creepier. [caption id="attachment_12800" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi dance photos; CD and prints available at the shop. Symi dance photos; CD and prints available at the shop.[/caption] We had a very social and slightly extravagant Sunday, in terms of eating out and being invited to barbeques and meeting new people and getting home late, well, just after eleven. It was a great day though, lunch at To Spitiko in Yialos, back up the hill to work for a few hours, back down the hill for a drink at Elpida’s, off to the BBQ, walk back down to Yialos, taxi home… It’s nonstop around here at times! But, while I was writing that, I took a quick look at Trip Advisor to try and substantiate a claim made by someone about a restaurant in Yialos. (To do with rankings and so forth.) I did a search for ‘Yialos Symi’ and found 157 reviews and opinion results, as they call them. I ran down a few pages to see who was mentioned and it was encouraging to find that lots of places have entries and most are four or five star. There was one that intrigued me, Nissaki Hotel, ‘it is walking distance to either Platys Yialos or Psarou beach…’ Not from our Yialos it’s not as it happens to be in Mykonos. Never mind though, there are plenty of other Symi tavernas and hotels mentioned and all with glowing reports. [caption id="attachment_12801" align="alignright" width="198"]Symi dance photos; CD and prints available at the shop. Symi dance photos; CD and prints available at the shop.[/caption] Well, maybe not all glowing as I didn’t read every single one. But you know what I mean. To Spitiko was at the top for restaurants, Iapetos for accommodation, but, not wanting to single out any one place and cause a stir, there were also Trata, Harani Bar, Taxiarchis (not strictly in Yialos), Saint George Bay (ditto), O Meraklis, Hotel Fiona (with the review line ‘I shall return’) and Tholos. And that was only on page one. [caption id="attachment_12802" align="alignleft" width="300"]Symi dance photos; CD and prints available at the shop. Symi dance photos; CD and prints available at the shop.[/caption] Anyway, there was no point to any of that, just wanted to share it with you. So, on with the week ahead. After wine night comes Tuesday, nothing much going on, then Wednesday and Harry’s birthday and party in the evening (note: must try and dress like a pirate), then a quiet rest of the week, I hope, to work on stories and stuff, and then here comes the weekend again. By the way, the British football thing has started and the games are being shown in the Rainbow Bar if you’re in the village. Right, off now to do something even more interesting. No idea what though.
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